10x school snacks, without which the big break does not count

We remember the days when the highlight of our school lunch was a white roll with ham. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much to choose from at the stores back then. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today, so even the tenth of our children and grandchildren can have a more attractive appearance.

Ciabatta with mozzarella and salad.

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The school was already in full swing, and parents, in addition to other concerns, are still deciding what to prepare for their children’s lunch. Bread with butter, ham and cheese is not very appealing, especially if it is repeated every school day. It needs something more imaginative!

Get inspired by the snacks your kids definitely won’t bring home. Among them are salty four-layer croissants made of dough, fresh wrap, tramezzino sandwich with leaf salad and pumpkin seeds, tuna sandwich, snack breads, wrap with avocado and ham, pizza snails, stuffed striped salty VrÅ¡atec rolls or a? quick and delicious stuffed omelette. As a small sample of the article, we offer a recipe for ciabatta with mozzarella and salad. You can find all the recipes at this link.

Ciabatta with mozzarella and salad

Raw materials
500 g of mozzarella
1 piece of iceberg lettuce
1 piece of oak salad
1 piece of salad cucumber
2 to 3 tomatoes
200 g of mayonnaise
ground black pepper
100 ml of olive oil
5 pieces of small ciabatta


1. Cut the mozzarella into slices, salt and pepper, pour olive oil. Cut the ciabatta in half, cover the inner sides with mayonnaise.

2. Cut the lettuce into noodles about 1 cm wide and mix in a bowl. Salt, pepper, pour a little oil. Cut the tomatoes and cucumbers into thin slices.

3. Place the salad on the bottom part of the baguette, then add the mozzarella, cucumbers, tomatoes, some salad and cover with the top part of the baguette.

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