3 amazing plum cakes that you probably don’t know yet

German pastry cake, Polish cream dessert and a simple cake from behind a large puddle. Try relatively unknown cakes that are tastier thanks to plums.

At the end of August, many enjoy the plum harvest and those who do not have their own tree(s) buy purple treasures at the market or in the store for the best seasonal price. This is the time when plum balls are prepared, honest jam is cooked, barrels are filled to burn the plum wine, but above all, plum cakes are baked.

In addition to the delicious plum bubble, which traditionally ends the season of these light summer cakes, we prepare a classic tart with plums and sprinkles.

And somewhere in between hide completely unusual desserts such as plum strudel, galetka or bábovka. And our today’s cakes, which you probably haven’t tried yet, fit right into this category.

Plum cake from the 80s

The cake that charmed America when it first appeared among the summer recipes in the New York Times in the second half of the 80s. It became an instant success thanks to its simplicity, then it disappeared from the consciousness of confectioners, but today it is back in the spotlight thanks to vloggers on social networks.

And believe me, you have never baked a simpler cake and the result will surprise you with its delicacy.

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Feather cake according to the New York Times

Feather cake according to the New York Times

A super simple plum cake recipe from cookbook author and longtime NY Times contributor Marian…

German plum cake

This rich fruit dessert is in many ways reminiscent of a traditional cake from our kitchen. And yet he is a little different.

The dough has a traditional consistency, but you can find a twist in the sprinkles. In addition to adding ground nuts to it in addition to flour, it is more dough than a classic crumb. Thanks to the greater weight of butter, we will get a sticky dough, from which we then tear off small pieces and put them on the surface of the cake. Both doughs are then combined with halves of plums during baking and a fantastic cake is created that you simply have to try.

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German plum cake (Zwetschgendatschi)

German plum cake (Zwetschgendatschi)

A great cake made from dough, sweet plums and a rich nut sprinkle.

A delicious dessert from Polish cuisine

Maybe at first glance at the cream cuts you say: and where are the plums? Plums are represented here in the form of homemade plum jam, which perfectly complements the smooth cocoa body and the rich creamy filling.

Poles have really delicious desserts in their kitchen, and Wuzetka definitely takes the best places.

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Chocolate and cream dessert (Wuzetka)

Chocolate and cream dessert (Wuzetka)

A traditional Polish dessert that combines a soft cocoa body with a thick layer of cream…

And right after plums, we have a wonderful season of apples and pears

A seemingly banal fruit forms the basis of delicious cakes that we all love.

apple pie

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