Amazing desserts from leftover dough or how to make two sweets out of one treat

When you prepare some desserts, it happens that you are left with leftover baked dough or cut off uneven edges. However, it would be a great shame if you immediately threw them in the trash. A little creativity is all it takes to make other great treats out of them. You can easily create two desserts at once.

A little creativity is all it takes to make other great treats out of them. You can easily create two desserts at once.

What residue can you use?

The answer to this question is really simple. Whatever dough you have, you can turn it into a new sweet treat with a few good ideas.

Most often, it is a classic sponge cake or other dough that you can easily incorporate into other desserts.

However, you can also do well with pancakes, for example, from which you can make mini-pancakes the size of ducats. Then decorate them with a small spoonful of delicious cottage cheese, put some marmalade or a little marmalade on top and you have ready sweet canapés.

No sugar or wheat flour.

You can also use gingerbread, Linz cakes, even sourdough.

Unbeatable rum balls

When leftover dumplings are mentioned, the first alternative that comes to mind is rum balls. They are very easy to make and you can use the leftover cream for them.

Suitable for any occasion…

So take the dough in a bowl and crumble it. Mix the cream, cocoa and coconut. Don’t forget a generous dose of rum. If the cream has not thickened, then add, for example, mascarpone or softened butter, which you mix with sugar and a little cocoa or chocolate. You can constantly change the ideas. Add, for example, raisins or cranberries, soak them in alcohol and mix them into the balls. You can also add chopped chocolate, nuts or mix in some jam that will taste everything. Finally, pour coconut into the plate and cover the balls in it.

Body of a cheesecake made from pastry dough

Make a cheesecake from dry dough as for Linze cakes. When you don’t need any more pieces, put everything on a baking sheet and bake. Then break it into smaller pieces and use it in the body of the cheesecake.

It also goes well in a cream glass. The important thing is that you add a good cream to them, which softens them and makes them taste much better.

This dessert takes some time because all the items are made almost from scratch. But…

Layered cream puff cake from leftover dough

You cut the dough right on the baking sheet so you can bake the cake and suddenly you have a large portion. You’re not feeling salty bars or mini pizzas, so you might as well come up with something sweet.


So take the remaining piece and cut it into smaller and exactly the same pieces. You need ideally three layers for each dessert. Then spread the puff pastry on greaseproof paper, brush it with egg and lightly sprinkle with powdered sugar, which caramelizes during baking. After baking, let the pieces cool and prepare the cream. Take ricotta for example, cut fruit into small pieces. Use strawberries, mango or pineapple. Season with honey and then cover the bottom and middle sheets of puff pastry. Pour melted chocolate over the top and you are ready to serve.

Walnut barrels

The base is again the same as for rum balls. Now make a thicker mixture so that it forms well. Take a piece of dough with cream in your hand and shape it into a roll. Place a sponge smeared with marmalade at both ends. Just in this place, tie it with a roller, so that the flat surface turns outwards and the cookie barrel stands well. The result will be a small round barrel. Dip everything in the chocolate with the help of spoons and then quickly roll it into the ground nuts.

Cake pops from leftover dough

A few years ago, cakes were a very popular trend. They looked elegant, they were easy to make, and you used such leftovers for them.

These cakes cannot be missing in our children’s birthday party…

Crush the dough into a bowl, add mascarpone, fresh fruit and finely chopped chocolate. Form a thick mass, which you then use your hands to shape into a ball. Stick it on sticks like a lollipop and let it harden in the fridge or freezer. Melt chocolate or make colored frosting with food coloring. Dip sweet cookies in it and you can also decorate them with sprinkled caramelized nuts or small sugar decorations.

Homemade tiramisu

If you have excess sponge dough, take the opportunity to make a homemade tiramisu out of it. If you don’t have a lot of it, in that case, just prepare glasses in which you layer the broken pieces of leftovers with coffee-flavored cream. Don’t forget a generous dose of cocoa.

An unexpected visit was the reason for the creation of this super fast and great version…

Wafers filled with dough pieces

Take the dough and crumble it into the smallest possible pieces. Now mix them with softened butter, a little sugar and any sour jam. In this way, spread the mixture between the wafers and press it a little to bind it together. Before serving, cut into smaller pieces and dip halfway into the melted chocolate.

A great treat not just for Christmas…

Chocolate banana sticks

The base of this cookie is the same as for rum balls. Well, you can also see from this recipe that with a little creativity you can make such familiar desserts in a more interesting way. So, when you have the mixture ready, cut your bananas into medium-thick pieces. Then place them on larger round sponge cakes. Layer the finished filling from the remaining dough on top and use your hands to form a mound. Place the cookies on the racks and pour the melted chocolate over them so that they are completely covered. Let it harden and melt the white in the meantime. Then use it to draw eyes and various smiles on the figurines.

Mini flavored donuts from the rest of the dough

The last tip is for the rest of the dough. This can be left over from, for example, some cakes, but also from pastries, as long as it has not been salted too much. Mix raisins into it, make small round donuts and fry them.

Amazing mini muffins – yum!

An interesting tip is also to make a hole in the middle of the balls, fill them with chocolate, jam or some interesting filling, stick them together and now dip them in hot oil. Your guests will adore you for such a surprise.

You don’t have time to bake but your sweet tooth is stronger than you?

Baked desserts

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