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When did the name sandwich first appear for the food we know today under this name? So read on.

When was it created?

It was already two hundred and sixty years ago. At that time, the English writer Eduard Gibbons mentioned in a newspaper that in a noble and expensive club, where the political elite came, they served cold meat with bread at small tables, which he called “sandwich”. Gibbons did not consider such dining fit for gentlemen and was literally outraged by this dish.

Source: Good food/Laura Witteková

However, in a few decades, variations of sandwich recipes went first to English cookbooks and a hundred years ago to the United States. The most popular, and not very familiar to our tastes, was the peanut butter sandwich. It was also liked by Elvis Presley, who combined peanut butter with bananas and grilled bacon, so this sandwich still bears his name.

The count and his food

Although something of the history of sandwiches is known, the name of their author has sunk into the dust of history. It may or may not be true, but certain copyrights are held by John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich. One story says that he was very hardworking and so that he did not have to get up from his desk, his butler served him food right there. He didn’t even get his hands dirty with the slices of cold meat placed between two pieces of bread. However, according to other sources, he was said to be a known card player and did not want to move away from the game. Other players also liked the meatballs he got, and they ordered a dish “same as a Sandwich”.

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