As done for the season of Lent

Goulash, stuffed pepper, cabbage, paprika and many other traditionally meat dishes in delicious recipes without meat.

Whether you avoid meat for spiritual reasons, health reasons, or you simply want to give your body a break after carnival, you don’t have to limit your menu to mostly cold lunches and dinners.

We have several recipes for you that are traditionally prepared with meat, but today we will cook them without it. During fasting, you can also treat yourself to hearty goulash, delicious cabbage and excellent paprika. It is enough to have the following recipes at hand, which will diversify your meat-free menu so much that you will gladly return to them even after the end of the fast.

Black pepper: a great sauce made from carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and other vegetables. We mix part of it, leave part of it whole and can serve it with gnocchi or pasta as a side dish.

I was really looking for the right expression, can this dish be compared to paprika, or…

Mushroom perkelt: a popular and delicious way to replace chicken in a traditional perkelto. Use mushrooms. Fresh or dried. In both cases, you get an excellent and aromatic perkelt.

A great meatless perkelt that smells amazing. You can also use mushrooms or…

Tofu burger: great vegetarian burgers can be made from the popular soy cheese. Be sure to try them, they are surprisingly delicious. In addition, this video recipe also offers a procedure for preparing homemade mini buns, which, together with tofu patties, will create a perfect treat for a party, for example.

Meatballs without meat: and speaking of patties, we must not miss at least one recipe for meatless meatballs. These are prepared from healthy and delicious buckwheat.

Excellent meatballs made from aromatic buckwheat.

Stuffed peppers: great stuffed peppers can also be made without meat filling. Instead of meat, use rice, lentils or, for example, the popular quinoa, as in this delicious recipe.

A domestic classic turned outside, which in this case can only be considered the original…

Cabbage without meat: just as many of us serve on Christmas Eve. The only difference is that this soup is not cooked with a piece of smoked meat that is pulled out later, but we add smoked tofu. This will add flavor and richness to this traditional soup.

Cabbage doesn’t have to be just meat. This alternative also tastes good…

Hot and Sour Soup: this soup usually contains pieces of chicken. You won’t find meat in this equally delicious version.

It warms and tastes, just like from the bistro on the corner of the street.

Goulash with mushroom: mushroom is a staple of meatless dishes, which in the original versions are prepared with meat. You can cook, for example, a delicious fake tripe soup or goulash with mushrooms. Like that:

Great meatless goulash…

Bryndza gnocchi without bacon: gnocchi with bryndza without fried bacon is not quite the same. But the bacon can be very tasty replaced with fried cubes of tofu. Be sure to try it!

Fried tofu is a perfect substitute for fried bacon. Try the vegetarian version of the Slovak…

False cod: a very tasty spread of cottage cheese, boiled eggs, carrots, pickles and other essential spices got a distinctive name mainly because of its appearance.

A healthier version without artificial additives and preservatives.

Curry: the Indian classic is most often prepared with chicken, but pure vegetable curry or curry with boiled eggs are also delicious. Today we will prepare this aromatic dish with our favorite tofu.

In our country, tofu appears quite often as a substitute for meat. If you are not…

Vegetable cutlets: perfect oven-roasted cutlets from a bag of frozen vegetables. Be sure to save this recipe. A great and healthy alternative to traditional schnitzels.

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to cook. Instead of a cold lunch, you can prepare one very…

Lasagna: Meatless lasagnas are nothing special. But these are very similar to the classic ones with minced meat sauce. Except that we replace the minced meat with boiled lentils. Delicacy!

Falafel: Fried chickpea balls are a great substitute for traditional meatballs. Plus, they’re perfectly crunchy.

You will love the crusty falafel.

Cauliflower Cutlets: fried cauliflower a little differently. Cut the cauliflower crosswise into thicker slices, which we wrap in a classic triple wrap and bake in the oven. Hum!

Fried cauliflower in a slightly different form, but very nice.

Try Lenten delicacies made from a head of cabbage

A head of fresh cabbage becomes a delicious and dietary food in a short time.

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Written: 04/03/2022

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