Best Meatballs: Do you prefer Swedish or Italian?

Who has the best recipe for meatballs? Italians, Swedes or Greeks?

Or do you prefer the local classic, which is most often created as a by-product of the popular stuffed pepper?

Be that as it may, the history of meatballs began to be written long before our era in various corners of the world. In Ancient China, Rome and Persia.

Today, minced meat donuts are popular in almost all countries, but there are two recipes that are most often used to prepare them. One became famous mainly thanks to the global expansion of the furniture business, and the other is a kind of natural combination of this meat and tomato sauce.

Yes, we are talking Swedish köttbullar and Italian polpette di carne. However, we add another very interesting recipe for meatballs from Greece, which is also definitely worth trying.

Swedish meatballs: the base is a mixture of beef and pork (1:1), in which beef adds flavor and pork enough fat for perfect balls. In addition to them, you will find cream, Dijon mustard or pimento in the base. Of course, there is a sauce made from broth and cream or a cranberry side dish.

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Traditional Swedish meatballs

Traditional Swedish meatballs (Köttbullar)

Meatballs have a home all over the world, but the Swedes make them best.

Italian Meatballs: even Italians like to combine beef or beef with pork when it comes to honest meatballs. A must is the homemade tomato sauce, whose base of onions, carrots and celery is added to the meatballs themselves. The recipe will tell you more.

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Traditional Italian meatballs (Polpette di carne)

Traditional Italian meatballs (Polpette di carne)

How else can they serve juicy meat…

Greek Meatballs: The Greeks also have an interesting recipe for traditional minced meat doughnuts. Interesting is red wine to dip them or a stick of cinnamon in tomato sauce. The meatballs and sauce are then baked together in the oven. The result is a really tasty and aromatic dish that you can serve with rice or potatoes.

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Traditional Greek meatballs (Soutzoukakia)

Traditional Greek meatballs (Soutzoukakia)

Minced meat in the form of donuts is baked together with homemade tomato sauce in the oven…

If you want to make cooking easier, minced meat is the right choice, which will save you time and at the same time prepare a really tasty dish:

Minced meat delicacies

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