It's Looking a Lot Like Christmas... Except It Is Not

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you— that is snow. Yesterday, we received a late spring snowfall, about 2-3 inches in my area of Minnesota. The struggle for the northern gardener is truly real here. Thankfully, right now all that is planted in my little garden area are tulips and alium that I planted in the fall, and they are pretty cold hardy. Aside, from that I also direct-sowed three varieties of poppies and I am hoping they will be ok, especially because 24 hrs later and the snow has melted.

For the record, you have to understand that the two weeks prior to this snow, the temperatures were in the high 60s-low 70s. Such is gardening in the upper Midwest.


I planted some pots with herbs and snapdragons— both as ornamentals (the herbs are not for consumption), and thankfully, they got a small dusting of snow. The flakes were huge.


The tulips, as mentioned, will be ok with the snow since it actually acts as insulation. I cannot wait for them to bloom.


But all this snow really put me in a bad mood, I am being honest. So I spent the afternoon surrounded by things that remind me of Spring- my favorite Yankee Candle in the Greenhouse scent, gardening magazines and a big bunch of chamomile and twigs from our Indian Hawthorne tree. We needed to trim some branches that were too close to the window, and I just love the baby leave buds as they are beginning to open. So much promise. Instead of throwing them away, I put them with the frothy beauty of the chamomile. These little flowers just cheered me up. I got those from my friend Nola, who owns a flower shop in the next town. She gets them from a farm in California since she is a huge supporter of grown in America flowers.


It is just what I needed to cheer me up. Thankfully, this week it is supposed to warm up again to normal spring temperatures. And thank goodness for that!