in a vase monday - sherbet dreams

So much has happened since the last time I posted on the blog.  Since then I was able to get in contact with my mom and other family members everybody is accounted for which is fantastic. The thing is you they still  don't have electricity but thankfully my mom never lost water and now she's plenty of food so it's a huge blessing.   My husband, bless his heart, has been amazingly generous and we are sending generators and all the stuff that she needs so she can survive until all services are restored  because she is refusing to leave Puerto Rico.  But such a huge weight has been lifted and I feel it bit more peace.  So thank you for all the messages that you sent me on email and the comments wishing nothing but great things from my mom and wishing that I was able to make contact with her. 

But for a few minutes I want to turn off my mind and just enjoy the flowers and today I am sharing just a quick little combination that I'm loving because in reminds me of sherbet. 


The combination of dahlias Chilson's Pride and Kogana Fubuki it's quite lovely and feminine in just makes me smile.   A simple glass vase with ruffled edges perfectly displays them without detracting from the flowers.  What do you think? 


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