a season of peonies

It is quite literally an explosion of blooms at the farm, and the star it is an old time favorite-- peonies!  From the beautiful pink Alexander Fleming to the pure white with magenta hints in the center of the Festiva Maxima, they seemed to have produced extra big blooms.  I attribute it to the insane weather here in Minnesota (Hardiness Zone 4a and 4b in my location) where we had winter weather until the second week of May, followed by a week and a half of rain that culminated in days of intense heat.  It was like watching popcorn pop.  One minute the blooms were closed and once the heat appeared, within 12 hours they started opening.  I am sharing some images with you.  I hope you enjoy it!

We literally cannot keep up with them and there are arm loads of peonies all around the house and we have given some to our friends because it seems criminal to not extend their life in a vase to enjoy them as much as possible.  Did I mention my house smells amazing?! It does!

Do you like peonies?  What is growing in your garden?

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