the first picking - the pleasure of sharing

My favorite time with my flowers is early morning or right before sunset.  All is quiet and still, while the rays of the sun start illuminating everything.  It is also my favorite time to pick flowers. The joy of growing cut flowers come not only from the process of growing them, but also of sharing them.  I love the look on the face of the recipient when I give it to them.  I am not good with words and emotions, and flowers allow me to express gratitude and love. Because after alol gardening is a labor of love. 


Dahlias are my favorite flower and their showy blooms always calls to me to arrange them in simple vases.  And for this one, a simply carafe seemed perfect.  

I picked dahlias with some unopened blooms ones to give it height. It is a bit heartbreaking but at the same it is good for the dahlias as it promotes growth of the lateral branches. So it's all good.  I added some German Foxtail Miller for dimension and to break of the roundness of the flowers.  


The result was a very rustic but vivrant little bouquet that simply made smile. And it made my neighbor, Marcie, smile even bigger.   


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