hello, it's me... the chipped clay pot

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Once I was a clay pot. Chipped. I thought I was not worth it.  I thought I was not good enough.  Who would want this broken pot?  A gentle soul reminded me that God does. His son Jesus does too.  And I believed the gentle soul but only on the surface.  Deep down I let my brokenness define me.  What if one day God decided I was not worth it? That He changed his mind about giving me His love? After all, I am a broken pot.  Nobody likes a broken pot.  I prayed through tears to understand this. My soul was like a parched desert rather than the lush green garden God was promising.  My tears did not heal the drought, but only made it worse.

And on my knees I prayer and He listened.  Looking back, He always has even when I do not think He is listening.  But God is the Great Gardener-- the Creator.  And in that soul desert He met me-- the broken pot-- took me in His arms and gently reminded me that the I am enough and that He loves me... chips and all.  Because the chips are not there as a scarlet letter to shame me.  But rather they are a reminder of where He brought me from.  A reminder that no matter what I have done, He is a merciful and forgiving Father. 

Have a blessed day.