garden bloggers' bloom day - september 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.    I love this blog link up because I get to read about what is growing in everybody's gardens.  

If you have been following my blog then you know that this summer season the best blooms go to the dahlias.  

We had a bout of cooler weather two weeks ago that seemed to kick the dahlias into high gear.  Right now Kogana Fubuki is looking strong and very prolific. I get about 5-6 blooms per week.  It starts very light but then turns on the pink a bit more for a tri-color dahlia that's a stunner. 


Also Intrigue has been amazing. I call it my 'weather dairy' dahlia because it shows how heat/cold weather can change the color of a dahlia. The lighter ones are the ones that started blooming during the 40°F weather we had last week and the darker ones once it started warming up. Finicky flowers.


More Intrigue dahlias at sunset.  One of my favorite things to do after a long day at work at the hospital, is coming home and enjoying the sunset in the garden. It is so peaceful. And living in the country it is just like a little piece of heaven. 

The yellowing of soybeans in the distance announces the approaching fall harvest in the next month or two.   


I love the delicate stages of the Chilson's Pride dahlia. 


The Cafe au Lait has been my problem child but finally got one bloom that was not lopsided or completely chewed.  It's not completely perfect but I love it! 


we also have other plants around the farm that are blooming right now is the marigolds.


also the beautiful 'Profusion' zinnia. 


But this next one is stealing my heart. I love this hydrangea. It has been white all summer then parts of it start turning into a blush color as fall approaches. It's just stunnning and makes for excellent dried flower arrangement.


I am really happy for how the blooming is going right now.  Much lessons have been learn for next year but for now I'll just enjoy what I have. 

But before I go, check out this insane mammoth sunflower that my mother-in-law grew! It's as big as my head! It was pretty crazy! 


And that's it for me today and what is blooming in the garden.  


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