a little bit of diy for the soul

When my husband and I got married, we moved into the house he lived in as a single father of three kids and we knew it would be a tight fit for five people plus a dog.  We have lived here for almost three years and this summer we are finally going to start the process of building the house of our dreams.  But while that happens. we have made some minor improvements to make sure the house looks less "bachelor".  I have been successful in most everything I have wanted to change and this past weekend I finally got a few things done.

But first we had a rummage sale a t our church.  Every spring and fall we have bazaars n our church that are very popular and helps us raise money for various missions. People drop off items they no longer want or they create items for sale with all the proceeds going to the church., and I love these events because I always find some little treasures and this time was no exception.  

I find that as I have gotten older, the more I lean towards modern feminine style-- especially modern with a Victorian twist.  So it should come as no surprise that when I spied two Battenberg pillows for $.50 each, I snatched them right away. I remember looking around wondering why nobody had pick them up. They are beautiful and the lace in fabulous condition. 

Then as I walked around, under a table behind a few dated brass lamps, I saw them-- a pair of milkglass hobnail lamp bases.  Again, I looked around in disbelief.  Now, I know not many people like milkglass, but there is a following for this type of depression glass, and for $2.00 each it was quite the score especially because they work and no re-wiring is necessary.  After a little cleaning, I added brand new lamp shades with a little modern motif, and now they are gracing my desk.


But this weekend was all one semi-big project-- glass shelves in the kitchen. So, our kitchen is small and odd. There is an opening where a window used to be and it faces a playroom that was build later. And it drives me crazy. I can see out the back doors but I have no windows, and I wanted that sense of the outside.  And for a while now I have wanted glass shelves in that hole. And my dear hubby and I took care of that and did a fantastic job! What do you think? I love that I have a place where I can display my plants and herbs now.  Plus it gives the kitchen a bigger feel and I love it.

And since we are talking kitchen-- this week I did some baking from a few recipes from Midwest Living Magazine and these coconut macaroons dipped in semi-sweet chocolate were my favorite, as well as my stepkids'.  Highly recommend them. 

And that is all I really had going this past weekend/week. But it really did me good.  It kept my mind off a health scare we had when I found a lump in my lymph nodes under my armpit, and a part of me was fearing the worst.  Thankfully, the Lord heard my prayers and it turned out to be nothing suspicious.  Doing all these little DIY things kept my mind of worrying too much and it was good for the soul. 

How has your week been?

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