spring, tea and flowers


I am an Anglophile.

I think in another life I lived in England.  In my perfect world, it would have been in a lovely cottage in the Cotswolds, surrounded by a massive English garden. 

There are always flowers in my perfect dream. ALWAYS.  

I don’t know if it is because this winter in Minnesota has been so long but I am longing for spring (at this point, I will take spring-like temperatures).  Part of it is that I am tired of being cold.  But the main reason is that I want my flowers to bloom.  Buried under the hard ground lays a plethora of Pink Champagne and Replete daffodils, as well as Angelique and Apricot parrot tulips. 

I crave spring-- and if your passion is to grow flowers, you need it.  

And I’ve been bringing spring into my house through little vases of flowers scattered around the house, on my desk and in shelves where they keep my books company.  It bring me joy but ultimately, peace.  Work and life has just been complicated and I am surrounding myself with those things that make me happy:



My Victoria magazines (especially the vintage issues).

My vintage teacups like this Johann Haviland (c.1972 Footed White Embossed Porcelain Teacup and Saucer with French Blue Roses).

It is all about self-care, my friends. I find that the sensibilities that go into truly enjoy and preparing a proper cup of tea, drinking it from a beautiful teacup while reading whatever you fancy at that moment, is in itself-- therapy.

So whatever you do this, make sure you take time to enjoy the small pleasures in life.  We go about our daily lives as the speed of light.  Maybe it is time to slow and take a deep breath... or enjoy the scent of your favorite tea (for me right now, it is the China Rose Leaf).  I will drink to you health and inner peace.  Be kind to yourself.

Love and Light, my friends.