tea time musings no. 1 ~ a little tea party for one


This weekend my husband and I stopped at a local vintage store on the way home.  And there, among signs and crockery stood a curio cabinet containing a variety of teacups and tea pots.  However, my eyes focused on this delightful tea for one set by Crown Dorset.  It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  With pink roses and gold trimming, it is perfect for a girl like me-- someone who loves to have tea parties but does not have any friends who really like to partake in this sort of thing.  Thankfully, my husband is amazing and generous in indulging my Austenesque tendencies for the ritual of tea.


So, I had myself a little tea party.  By the way, how did you like the adorable poem by Jessica Nelson North? This little poem about a child's tea party is one of her most beloved works and how can it not be?  It captures the sweetness of childhood beautifully.  And I find it fitting for those moments of solo tea time.  Because truly, a little tea party gives a special sparkle to an otherwise mundane life.  And we all need those special moments when we can close our eyes and engage all the senses, as we drink the perfect cup of tea.

For my tea party for one, I chose a blend called 'Miss Elizabeth' by Bingley's.  It is a black tea that beautifully embodies the personality of Elizabeth Bennett in 'Pride and Prejudice'.  It has a strong character with a subtle femininity and sweetness that comes through as you sip this blend of Ceylon black tea leaves dried cranberries, blue mallow blossoms and additional flower petals.  It is simply a very special tea blend.

As accompaniment, I baked the most delicious lavender madeleines.  The petite French cakes were then dipped into a lemon glaze that gave the cakes a subtle hint of citrus.  The combination worked perfectly with the tea, as the flavor profiles complement each other.  For the madeleines, I always use David Lebovit's recipe and then add flavors. It is the perfect recipe.  They are soft and delicious.  The perfect French little sweet to make any tea party more special.