embroidery & lace ~ the beauty of delicate linens

For twenty plus years, I lived in North Carolina and learned to love all things "Southern".  I may have been born in Puerto Rico and now live in Minnesota, but my heart will always be in the South.  I miss it every single day.  There is something very unique about life in the South that speaks of gentility, attention to detail and generations.  There is a true love of family, friends and community (at least in my experience) that is palpable.  One words that you hear in the south a lot is "heirloom".  Much importance is placed in family heirlooms, as it should be.  And it is not just about family but about history.  The history of things is important to understand their significance.  And as a history major, I have always been fascinated by "the history of things", which is why if there is an estate, garage or rummage sale, I am there.  I love venturing into antique stores and thrift stores and finding little treasures.  And one of my favorite finds are linens especially monogrammed or made out of lace.


Last Thursday and Friday, the hospital where I worked had a rummage sale.  And it was quite a little bonanza of little treasures, especially  linens.  From monogrammed handkerchiefs (see above) and napkins to beautiful lace doilies.  I could not believe how many items in the linen section they had.  Some needed some work, and I usually skip those, but others like the images in this post, were exquisite. 

Vintage linens and embroidery always speak to me of times when femininity, in a delicate sense of the word, was valued and embraced.  And these linens, especially the laced ones, really speak to that. My favorites are the monogrammed 'B' handkerchief above and the doily below with the flower lace and ribbons crisscross in the middle. It is more beautiful in person than in the photos. 


When I find little treasures like this, I always wonder what makes people get rid of them.  Is it because many people these days are downsizing? Do they find it too old fashioned? Regardless of the reason, I always get this thrill knowing that I will give these items a second chance to be appreciated.  And that makes me happy.

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