tea time musings no. 2 ~ the magic of second chances


Last week, the hospital where I work had a rummage sale (must be rummage sale season in Minnesota) and it was like striking gold in the china and bone china department! Actually, I also found some beautiful embroidered and monogrammed linen as well, and you can see those HERE. The sale is put together by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, who helped found Mayo Clinic (where I work).  This is an annual sale and it was my first year attending. 

As I looked around, my co-worker and I went to the china section and o.m.g. my eyes zeroed on this beautiful china set. And while it was incomplete there were plenty of pieces to be able to complete the set with a little bit of research.  Immediately I turned the tea cup over and saw the marking-- Thomas (Bavaria).   More specifically, this is the 'Sicily' pattern and based on the markings could have been made between 1908 -1939. 


Immediately, the historian in me took over wanting to find more about it.  Fritz Thomas started making porcelain in Germany in 1872, and after a few company moves and changes, he and an investor opened Porzellanfabrik Thomas & Ens (1903 until 1908).  Now with artistic freedom, the designs became an instant success and the new company quickly caught the attention of the Porzellanfabrik Rosenthal company.

In 1907 his partner's Ens decided to leave the company and Rosenthal AG became major shareholder in 1908; this made Porzellanfabrik Thomas an independent subsidiary of Rosenthal.  Thomas is no longer produced, as Rosenthal restructured and all the trademarks became one-- Rosenthal.  After learning this bit of information, I am glad I found this beauty. 


After learning this bit of information, I am glad I found this beauty.  One of the reasons I love collecting china is that I start thinking about the stories this items could tell if they could speak.  But more importantly, I love second chances.  And giving these items a second chance at my home is a way of showing appreciation to those who took the time to create them.  It is them showing love in their own way.

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