tea time musings no. 4 ~ a toast to the duke and duchess of sussex


The royal wedding has take place, and as I mentioned on my previous post, there are many reasons the world needed that wedding and we are all the better for it. But before Saturday, I was in full preparation for the wedding of the year.  I do not know why, but this wedding grabbed me more than the Duke and Duchess' of Cambridge's wedding.  And I know why-- it involved an American.  I have been a big fan of her and admired all her charity work for various organization including being a UN Women's Ambassador.  Now, she was about to become a Princess (HRH Princess Henry of Wales, Duchess of Sussex).  And I was ready to celebrate.

According to the forecast, Saturday was to be raining in Minnesota.  But Friday was stunningly beautiful, and I decided to start my celebration a bit early, sitting in my yard, watching the sun set.  I had ordered a Union Jack bunting and as I was putting it up, my dog Jack came through like a bull in a china store and got tangled in it and kept on walking. 


I live in a smalltown with not many friends that are into what I like so I had a solo tea party basking in the warm sun, enjoying the light breeze and reading Town & Country’s American Princess issue.  It was so peaceful and lovely.  It has been quite a while since I had time to just be.  And there in my rocking chair, I watched the sun go down as I said a safety prayer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, because there are a lot of hate in this world.

By the way, this rocking chair and table I found this past fall at a fall barn sale in Rochester.  It was amazing, all the things they had, but these two pieces just caught my eye, especially the table. And for $30 both, it was a steal.  I love the feminine vibe they both have. 


Later Friday night, I was excited about the wedding that I could not go to sleep, but eventually did.  In the morning I woke up to the sound of rain and so, I moved indoors the picnic I was planning on having outdoors.  I was one of the people who woke up at 3:30 a.m. to watch the pre-wedding.  I love fashion and I am obsessed with fascinators and hats.  And it was fun to watch the guests arriving.  As the wedding took place, I enjoyed my favorite tea and cranberry/orange scones I baked the night before. 

It was so fun to this magical event (you can read my favorite parts in my previous post).  I watched the royal wedding and the follow on shows about the wedding for the rest of the day, sipping on tea and bubbly, and nibbling in bites of the sweet little cakes our local bakery made.  The pink one was chocolate with a berry whipped cream.  The white one was a lemon cake with raspberry filling which was my favorite. 


In all, it was such a fun day, and truth be told, I am still on a high from all the events.  Cannot wait to do it again. :)

Did you watch the wedding? Did you have a tea party?

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