a toast to the duke and duchess of sussex ~ the royal wedding we all needed


I am still in a high from this weekend.  The royal wedding that we all waited for happened on Saturday, and for me, it was everything I dreamt it would be.  I can go into a VERY LONG post about the wedding but instead I will share with you my top five moments of the day.  Because while everything was beautiful, there were some areas that stood out the most.

No.  1 – The Princess Bride.

I do not even know where to begin with Meghan’s beautiful wedding dress. Designed by Clare Waight Keller for the House of Givenchy, it was everything I expected.  I was surprised that many did not like the dress because it was too simple, and they expected beading and more ornate. That is not Meghan’s style, who is known wearing pieces that are low key but with amazing cut and structure.  And that is what we got. Channeling her fashion icon, Caroline Bessett Kennedy, what made this dress extra was the bateau neckline.  This dress really was all about showcasing that stunning veil embroidered with the flowers of all 53 nations of the commonwealth. 


When she came into the church it was as if she had stepped out of an enchanted forest of white roses and peonies. And as she walked in, composed and confident (the feminist in me was cheering) the sun illuminated her.  It was one of those photographic moments that comes once in a lifetime. This by the way, was my favorite photo. To me the ensemble had a meaning—this wedding was simple like their love; it is about Harry and her. And I loved it.

No 2 - Prince Harry’s expression as Meghan Markle walked down the aisle.

As Meghan walked into the church, the cameras panned on Prince Harry, and his expression was one of love and awe, at how beautiful his bride looked. He looked so proud and happy. And to me that is the moment that the wedding became this little bubble of love around them. Yes, they were surrounded by hundreds of guests, but they only had eyes for each other. This was about their love, stolen glances, private loving smiles, the giggles as the crowds outside cheered after each said their vows, and the soft touches of reassure in this big stage they were in.  It was simply beautiful


I especially loved Bishop Curry's sermon on love.  Yes, it was 13 minutes but he had a strong message that minced no words.  And while most royals seemed amuser or a bit shocked by the Bishop, Prince Harry and Meghan listened intently to his message or love and it's power to heal.  And that gave me a strong sense that they want to start their marriage strong and in the foundation of God's love.

No 3 – Parents of the Couple.

This was the day when the world fell in love with Doria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mom, and possibly started forgiving Prince Charles for his transgressions against Princess Diana when they were married. Because Meghan Markle’s father was unable to attend the wedding, Prince Charles walked Meghan to Harry.  To me, there was such significance in this moment.  It was his way of telling the world “she is our family”.  Then I lost it when Harry took Meghan’s hand from Charle’s arm and said “Thank you, Pa”.  That is when the crying started.

As this was unfolding, the cameras focused on Meghan’s mom.  Ms. Ragland was the epitome of grace and class, as she watched her daughter. Holding back tears, she maintained her composure, softly smiling.  She was Meghan’s only blood relative (thank goodness) but she was not alone, as Meghan’s friends who have been her family for years, were there for her too.  You can just feel the love of this mother and daughter, and we are all better for it.


Prince Charles, I’m convinced, scored major brownie points in the world stage because of his interaction with Meghan, but especially Doria.  When they had to go sign the official documents, he kindly took her hand and escorted her.  And after the wedding, he also escorted her to her vehicle. He really was there for her.


No 4 – The Kiss & The Procession.

Then came the Disney moments! As they emerged from under the canopy of greenery and flowers, the crowds outside the doors, mostly special guests to the wedding by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, broke into cheers.  Prince Harry and Meghan were all smiles.  And then they kissed.  And it was a beautiful moment.  Interesting moment from a romantic’s point of view—this kiss was photographed from various angles and not one of bad. J


After this, they walked to the carriage for the wedding procession and I have tried to imagine what this moment was for Meghan.  Because as a spectator at home watching on tv, I had goosebumps. Windsor really showed the love for the newlyweds.  It was more like a fairy tale.  The streets lined with happy people, as the Union Jack flags flanked the streets.  The pomp and circumstance of the entire procession was a fabulous display of British royalty traditions.  And let us be honest, nobody does royal events quite like the British royal family.


No 5. – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure to their after-party at Frogmore House.  I have two words: James Bond.  This was the vibe I got from the photos. From their sophisticatedly modern attire to the vehicle they departed in, it was so special!  So wow! This is a modern royal couple for the ages.  The after-party was all about fun with friends and family.  Time to let the hair down and celebrate the young way.  This was definitely not the Queen’s reception.  And they dressed beautifully.


But this wedding was more than about the dresses and flowers. Now that the celebrations are over and the photos posted, I look back and I am so glad we had this wedding.  And I say "WE" because we all witnessed love win.  From the beginning, Meghan Markle faced harsh comments and criticism from haters and bigots.  It seems that this is the current climate.  But it appears she did not let that damper her happiness.  And I think both nations-- England and the US-- needed this.  Something purely good full of historical significance.  We needed something to remind us that skin color, stereotypes and hate do not matter as much as love does.  We needed the happiness.  We needed the tears of joy for them.  We needed a preacher from Chicago reminding the world that love heals.  We needed a sublime young cellist reminding us that talent comes in many shades, and a gospel choir reminding us that love is uplifting as they sang 'Stand By Me'.  We needed it all and we are better for it. So thank you, Duke and Duchess of Sussex for taking this little light of yours, and making it shine for the world to see.



PS-- All photos via Reuters and BBC.com