tea time musings no. 3 ~ the magic of ordinary moments


Pinky up. This little phrase used to be what I associated the word “tea” with. There is something so proper and British about it, that immediately I feel different. Yes, tea has the ability to change a moment.  

I can be sitting in my office or being at home and upon taking a cup of tea between my fingers, I sit straighter.  :) My mother was the first to notice this when I was a young 14 year-old who stood at 6’1” and was hunching over. She used the tea ritual to elicit in me my body’s psychosomatic response to having tea.  

These days teas is about so much more. Tea has become my ‘me’ time— when I disconnect from the world and just breath.  It is how I regroup. If it has been a particularly hard day, I bring out a pretty teacup and saucer.  Beautiful tea china is a must during afternoon tea, but it should not be relegated to that ritual.  

Beautiful tea china should be used and appreciated. Like this saucer; look at the beautiful design and images in it? Somebody went to the trouble of making sure tea time was not just about the tea, but about a whole experience that engages the senses. 


But it’s not just that. I think unconsciously we  default to making drinking tea... plain and basic. But why? There is a beauty and a magic to ordinary moments.  When life seems dull or uneventful, a beautifully blended tea in a pretty teacup can do wonders for my mood. Like a luxurious warm blanket it envelops me in comfort. But above all it gives me a time to just be, and appreciate the little things in life. And in those moment I find myself being thankful for the blessings in my life.  It a quiet moment between me, myself and I. 

So god ahead and pour yourself a cup. Give yourself permission to just be.  

When I need a moment for ‘me’, I reach for my favorite tea blend from Nina’s Paris— Thé de Marie Antoinette. Dedicate To Marie Antoinette, this tea is scented with delicious fresh apples & rose, with a touch of strongness with Black Ceylon tea basis Apple aroma done with apples coming directly from King’s Kitchen Garden – Versailles. It is a beautiful and delicate blend that is a bit more special than your normal every day tea. It will brighten your day. 

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