Little Blooms of Joy

“Fall” has arrived for sure even though it feels more like winter, and the garden is definitely gone except for a few summer blooms that are hanging on, even with the cold temperatures, the two frosts we have had, and even the light snow (yes, snow already) last Sunday. We were supposed to have some flurries and by Sunday noon, it was obvious that this was more than flurries.

So truth be told, I am trying to hold on to those days of summer days too? Surround yourself with those things and memories that bring it back to you. Today’s vase does just that. This is probably the last of the summer/fall blooming vases, and because of that I cherish it. Reminds me of the height of summer with the little wildflowers popping everywhere, of picking flowers to carry with me. These colors deserve something simple to let the colors shine, and milk glass does just that. A little darling vase + brightly hued colors = happiness in a vase.


For this vase I gathered a small bunch containing cornflower (cyanus segerum) with that blue purple, Chinese asters, small zinnias, and coreopsis). The sharp colors and shapes work fantastic together.


Are there any flowers still left in your garden? Are you missing summer yet? :)

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A Little Garden Magic ~ First Frost Dahlias


On September 28th, we had our first frost of the season and I knew that, even taking precautions, my dahlias would not make it… and I was right. I covered them with blankets but then next day, it started raining which totally undid any good the blankets may have done. So, with plans to dig them out this week, I had not checked on them. But today while bringing in some bags of soil for fall bulb planting, I noticed that the Hollyhill Black Beauty had three blooms. You can tell that the temperatures have caused the centers to lighten a little but otherwise, they are still beautiful, although not as big as they normally would be.

It made me so happy to find these. While I did not have that many issues with it, it was not very prolific so it was a bit of a let down. So this was a wonderful surprise.

For this vase, I used a simple white enamel tumbler-shaped vase and added sprigs of Indian Hawthorn, which I think goes perfectly with the color of the dahlias, especially the berries. The richness of the colors in this vase is pure autumn.


And my obsession with Mobile Money app continues. lol. I just love the look of life in watercolor. :-)

Original Frosted dahlia

Original Frosted dahlia

Watercolor app effect

Watercolor app effect