A Rabbit Tale


Last week my husband and I were watching tv and he mentioned that our elderly neighbor called us to see if my husband could come and assist her with the live rabbit trap she had in her backyard. It seems a furry friend fell for the bait and she wanted it safely disposed of by taking it to the nearest city trail and setting it free.  My husband is a sweetheart, so off he went to help her.

While he was gathering it, our neighbor mentioned that since the previous week, she had seen an increase in the rabbits she had seen in the backyard. My neighbor on the other side had also mentioned the same thing.  My husband and I laughed, because we have a theory—Riley.


Our new rescue wheaten terrier—Riley, is the most terrier-like terrier I have ever had. He is always on alert when he is in the yard. As soon as he comes out onto the back deck, he scans his sector and off he goes. Or if he is not sure, he will go down to the yard and as soon as he picks “something” he lifts his paw as if he was pointing. Then he patrols the fence as if saying “I know you are out there rabbits, but there is a new sheriff in town”. It’s pretty funny but also intriguing to see him in that mode.

We explained to our neighbors that we think with Riley’s arrival, the rabbits that were in our house, are now in theirs, hoping to escape the “terrier terror”. I have talked to other wheaten owners that say some terriers just have that drive because it is one of the purposes they were bred for-- watching and guarding livestock, and vermin hunting and killing. Riley is one of them.

So today, I am thankful for a feisty terrier to keep my garden sans rabbits. :)