Caring Tips for “Zebra Haworthia”

How do you bring growing season indoors when outside it is eternal winter? House plants. It is not a rocket science answer but a common sense one, if you love green all year long. I started growing succulents only a couple of years ago, once I moved to Minnesota. I felt the need to surround myself with green. And of all the succulents I grow, none has my heart more than the “Zebra Haworthia”. There are a variety of the Zebra cactus, as it is also know, but the one I have is the Haworthia fasciata.


I love the look of this dainty succulent with its dark green leaves with white stripes on the outside of the leaves (tubercles). The inside of the leaves are smooth and the contrast is beautiful. But do you know what my favorite thing is? It is super easy to care for! Unlike other succulents that crave light, the Zebra can do well in a shaded area of the house but the prime spot is somewhere where they get filtered light. I have not had any problems with this. Other facts about this lovely little plant:

  • They grow in winter and go dormant in the hottest summer months.

  • Outdoors, grow in partial sun to shade.

  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.

  • The Zebra plant blooms but may not indoors. When they do bloom, they have a tubular (almost like a stem shape) flower that can be pink or white.

  • Use a soil that drains wells and gives plenty of air. If you are the DIY type and make your own soil mix, combine potting soil with perlite and sand to help aerate the soil.


So, if you are looking for a beginner level plant to grow, this should be on the list! And they also make excellent gift for the plant lover in your life or even that friend who thinks they have a black thumb. They will be thrilled!