Formidable Lady Nature

I love the sky.  Even more... I love storms. And it so happens that I live in an area Minnesota, known as the "driftless area" that while mostly flat, it has some altitude in various areas.  And it allows me to watch the spectacular show that is a summer storm. I take my photos with my iPhone so some details are not very defined. Yet you can still see the power of mother nature.  This is a stormy Minnesota summer sky.

The storms roll in fast and furious, and I am the crazy that stands outdoor to witness is.  I cannot help it.  There is something about the power of nature that reminds me how we are but a speck in this earth, yet we are vain enough to think we can control it.  Oh no, this lady nature is uncontrollable.  And she is formidable!


This particular afternoon we had storm rolled in and it looked like the Mothership from Independence Day was arriving. With it came intense storms that leveled corn stalks in various areas.  Even shingles from our roof came flying down as they proved not stay for the intense winds. The storm lasted for about 45 minutes but when it was done (right around sunset) I went out to see and found that the sun and the clouds were dueling as to who would be victorious. In the end, the sun did and it made for a dramatic sky, where the orange sky reflected from the storm clouds. Yeap, nature is formidable as she is dramatic. 


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