It’s All About the Peonies

It is peony time in the farm and it is heavenly! Since I moved to Minnesota three-years ago, this has been my favorite time.  It is a time when the air smells a little bit sweeter because the scent of peonies is in the air.  This past week after hot temperatures and drizzling rain, the peonies exploded and I am giddy.  These peonies have been in this farm for over 25 years and are well settled.  I am just glad that I am allowed to take care of them and enjoy them during the early summer.  

I am also a bit of a snob when it comes to peonies and love displaying them by themselves without any other flowers. Aside from my dahlias, to me the peonies are the queens of the flower garden. You have probably noticed that I am using a milkglass hobnail vase I have used before.  That is because I love this vase and it shows flowers beautifully.  So without further due today's vase stars-- peonies "Sarah Bernhardt", "Festiva Maxima" and "Karl Rosenfield". Enjoy!