Blizzard 2019 {Enough with the Snow!}


When life gives you lemons, we are told to make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you snow? LOTS of snow…

On Saturday night, the Midwest got hit but a whamie of a snow storm. I do not know the name but I do know that it packed a punch, dumping massive amounts of snow followed by high winds, which created lots of problems especially in South East Minnesota and South West Wisconsin. The storm then moved on to the east but not before leaving us the gift on 12” of snow, followed by winds with speeds of up to 58mph. The results was basically this:


It was so bad that two interstates and many highways and county roads were closed because they roads were completely covered due to the snow drifts. With winds clocking at 58 mph in our area, it was blizzard conditions for 24 hours, and we knew we would not be able to know the extend of the havoc until next morning.

On Monday I couldn’t go to work because, while we managed to get our driveway fairly clean, all the roads around us were blocked or closed. The snow was bad but the winds is what caused the most issues, creating blizzard conditions that the snow plows and road crews couldn’t keep up. I have lived in Minnesota for only three years, but the older locals say they have never seen anything like it. And to me this was so… wow. I will let the pictures do the talking. I present to you— my house!

Did you notice those insanely big icicles? We have broken them three times and they come back. It’s like they are aliens refusing to leave!

Did you notice those insanely big icicles? We have broken them three times and they come back. It’s like they are aliens refusing to leave!

Somewhere under the snow are three steps and that blue tarp— under there is the snowblower. In the back deck the drifts were so high that, had my dog being alive, we would have had to dig a tunnel for him to go potty. The snow was as tall as the picnic table.


My poor husband spent 2 hours snow blowing because it has so deep and heavy that he had to do two passes. And even that was not enough, so later the next day, one of the farm help brought a tractor with a rotator blower to widen the snow path because guess what? This weekend we are supposed to be getting more snow and we need a place to put it when he snow blows again.


My car— it took a while to remove all that snow because it hardened with the winds. It was like a block of hard slushy.


I think the below videos show you better what it was like, especially with the winds which made it look like I live in some remote part of the Arctic. It was just unreal.

So, this has been our lives the past couple of days. I am convinced mother nature is punishing us for the warmer than normal holiday season we had. I miss the days when I lived in the south and snow was a rarity instead of… this. But for real.. enough with the snow!