Replicating The Feel of a Nature Illustration

I love natural illustration.  I find the talent to not just draw, but also accurately translate the "feeling" of a moment in nature quite amazing.  And among nature illustrators, none stands above my favorite-- Marjolein Bastin. I discovered the artist when I purchased her book View From A Sketchbook: Nature Through the Eyes of Marjolein Bastin, at a Hallmark Store. Instantly I fell in love with her art. Her illustrations are evocative of everything I love about nature-- beautiful, vibrant, gentle, ever changing and ever reminding us that it is our duty to care for the natural world.  Her art brings me peace and a sense of being present. 

She has so many illustrations that I am fond of, but this one is my most favorite because it is a posy of flowers that is timeless and evocative of those happy summer moments, as we begin to transition into fall. And as we are now into September, it seemed appropriate to put together a vase that emulates those feelings this illustration evokes.

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In the US this weekend we are celebrating Labor Day, which is considered as the unofficial end of summer. And my garden is definitely saying goodbye to the summer wildflowers and transitioning into fall.  Roses and dahlias are at their prime now and will be for a few more months. Others like asters are now starting to bloom.  But there are still some wildflowers around the garden beds still showing their beautiful colors, which is also causing them to attract beetles.  In the end, my vase isn't full of perfect blooms nor is it a floral-design caliber vase but it gives me that same "peace in nature" I get with the illustration.  And in the end flowers are about what makes us happy, and this my friends, is making me happy. 

For this vase I used a tarnished silver-plated coffee pot that I acquired at a flea market, and I filled it with Black-Eyed Susan, Echinacea (this bloom is the only one without damage right now).  For texture I added Indian Hawthorn (branches with berries), dogtail, Crevice Alumroot blooms (the one with little white flowers), and Western Brakenfern. And I love how it all turned out!


But before I leave, I'm sharing a little mosaic for Mosaic Monday.  I am obsessed with this app that gives your photos a watercolor effect and I love it! Have a great week!


Is your garden saying goodbye to summer? What will you miss the most about the summer?