The Perfect Tea Time Cookie

This weekend, I had the rare opportunity of having two days all to myself and my doggie Jack. To say that it was blissfully quiet sans hubby and the kids, it is an understatements.  In those moments, I am all about self-care, and for me it includes reading and tea time.  This weekend was very hot followed by rain, but we had a nice breeze that made our side porch very nice.  So I made myself picnic for one.  I put down one of my favorite throw blankets, made myself some Earl Grey tea and enjoyed tasty bites of what I now consider the perfect tea time cookie.

For a while now I have been searching for a cookie that I can have with my tea.  And it is tricky.  Aside from the digestif cookie my friend Salwa got from London, I have not found one that will complement, not overtake the flavor of the tea.  But this weekend I found a recipe for Lemon and Thyme Cookie from Love & Lemons, one of my favorite food blogs.  The cookie is technically a shortbread cookie but to me it is more of a light butter cookie and making it could not be easier.  

It is delicate in consistency and flavor, with subtle layers of thyme and lemon hitting your palate as you eat them.  I added a bit more "flavoring" by using lemon thyme from my garden, and I love the more flowery taste it gave the cookie.


For the first try, I paired the cookie with Earl Grey tea from a new brand I am loving-- Devonshire Tea-- and it pairs beautifully.  I also tried with a herbal tisane, and also worked great.  Highly recommend it if you are looking for a cookie to have with your tea... whatever time of the day it is. :-) And I love it because it makes my tea for one a bit more special. 

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