tea time musings no. 5 ~ tea for soul soothing moments

There is something to be said for reminiscing about a previous life. My previous life was spent mostly in North Carolina and I miss it more than anything Sundays in the South. There was something about it that I cannot quite explain.  I loved going to church in the morning then coming home and relaxing the rest of the day. I would prepare myself a wonderful gourmet lunch or dinner, watch "my Sunday movies" and just snuggle with the dog. Now, life is a series of scheduled for each of the kids, last minute events we did not know about, and noises. Lots of noise. Sometimes it is hard to hear myself think. :) Do not misunderstand me, I love my life with my husband and his three children. But I also loved my single life and sometimes I miss it. :)

This is not a post about wanting a new life; it is about self-care and finding those little moments to breath and just be. It is rather hard to do when you are hunkered in during the eternal Minnesota winters, but oh so easy to do when the weather is warm.  To escape it all, I have a little corner of the porch where I like to sit, read my Victoria Magazine or Country Living UK, while I sip on my tea.  It is my "Calgon take me away" moment.  


In the fall, I attended a barn sale and found this two tiered table and rocking chair. I love their distressed shabby look and reminds me of the French coastal decoration I used to have in my house.  And it is my perfect spot.  I set up my tea and treats-- today's selection is Teavana's Lavender Crème tea and petite little French macarons-- then I also set up a just-bloomed single peony in a single hobnail glass.  The scent... oh, how I wish you could smell this peony.  It is sublime.

Today there is a chill in the air, and I bring a blanket that has seen better days but it is soft as butter, for warming up.  I love the natural music of the outdoors but today I want some music so I play the soundtrack for BBC's Pride and Prejudice softly. Self-care is about creating an experience, and this is what I do.  Create that little haven where I can be me without distractions.  My lovely husband knows I need these moments and he respects them.  


After sipping tea and reading my magazines, I take a deep breath and smile. Ahhh…. I needed this.  I am happier when I have these moments to myself to indulge in reading about other Europe, home décor, artisans, new hobbies, food and gardening, and whatever else I discover in the pages of these magazines.  It is an escape, if only for temporary that is like chicken soup for the soul. 

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