Welcome Spring...One Month Later

After the long winter months and a week in March with dangerously cold and windchill that dipped into the -65F, it appears spring has arrived to Minnesota. Gone is the snowmaggedon that dumped about 13” of snow that then melted and flooded our backyard. Being a northern gardener is the epitome of “the struggle is real”.  You never know, from year to year, what you are going to get.  And this year, my expectations for the garden were not too optimistic.  

When the flooding happened it came dangerously close to a garden bed where I planted 300 tulip bulbs in addition to allium. I had to keep telling myself that the ground being frozen would protect them but then more snow fell and it melted again, with water covering the bed. It was heartbreaking and I honestly sort of gave up. Then this past week the temps started warming up and during a walk with my doggie, I spotted signs that tells me that not all is lost and my little northern garden is awakening.  How?

No. 1 - Not all tulips are lost! Upon closer inspection I noticed that the some of the tulips are starting to sprout! This is the garden bed where I have a combo of Rococco and Queen of the Night tulips. Yes! Come on babies, you can do this! Yes, I talk to my plants. 😂


No. 2 Rose bush is awakening too. Last year I grew David Austin roses for the first time, and after the insane temps this year, I’m glad I went with my instinct to pot them in containers instead of the ground. They sat dormant in my garage for the winter, and it looks like the Scepter’d Isle (below) survived but the Alnwick is not doing too good and I think I may lose her. 

No. 3 Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Last year there was a garden bed here, and all but one... ONE... tulip failed. So, we relocated the bed with plans to til this area this year. Well guess what’s growing? Yeap— the tulips. There were some narcissus here too and they may be some of these. Nice joke, lady nature.


No. 4 The trees and shrubs are budding! Always a sign that spring had kicked into high gear.

No. 5 our grass is finally greening. Here in the upper Midwest one of the most popular grasses is Kentucky Bluegrass turf. It is deep green and lush with a fast growth rate once it gets going. I love it!


No. 6 Not from the plant world but this is Riley, our new addition to the household and insane rabbit stalker. He is our third wheaten terrier and we rescued him a few weeks ago. So far he loves it outdoors and he will make a good garden dog.  You can read more about his rabbit tales here.

~ Have a good weekend, humans! ~


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