Compote, jam, syrup and delicious desserts made from sour gooseberries

Gooseberries are just ripening. Whether you grow them in your garden or you bought a bag at the market, we have some delicious ideas for you on how to use them in the kitchen.

Gooseberries are often overshadowed by the more popular currants. Both fruits ripen at about the same time, depending on the variety. Gooseberries have a specific sweet-sour taste, a minimum of calories and a rich content of vitamins and minerals.

Although they are very similar to their species relatives, currants, which are popular in sweet desserts, few people consider gooseberries as fruits suitable for cakes. And that is a mistake! Green, yellow and red berries the size of grapes are a very good candidate for baking and canning.

Try to get inspired by our selection of gooseberries today.

Gooseberry preserves

Gooseberry compote: considering the type and maturity of the gooseberries, sweeten the compote directly in the glasses. The recipe reveals the proportions:

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Gooseberry compote

If you want to preserve the wonderful taste of gooseberries even in the colder months, cook them in jars in the perfect…

Gooseberry Jam: a wonderful sweet and sour marmalade that perfectly accompanies the cakes that we will prepare in the colder months.

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Homemade gooseberry jam

Sour marmalade that requires a little more sugar. Similar to currants, it goes…

Gooseberry Chutney: excellent jam made from gooseberries, apples and ginger. It goes perfectly with smoked cheeses or ham.

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Gooseberry chutney

Sour gooseberry chutney goes perfectly with smoked ham or pork chops.

Gooseberry syrup: one of the most refreshing syrups you will ever taste. It’s great!

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Homemade gross syrup with mint

Homemade gross syrup with mint

An excellent syrup with the smell and taste of hot summer.

Big cakes

Buckwheat bubble: of course, summer fruits belong in a summer cake. The supple bubbly taste with acidophilic milk will surprise you with its freshness.

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Buckwheat bubble

A quick and delicious bubble with an unusual fruit will pleasantly surprise you.

Gooseberry cake with snow: soft buttery pastry filled with a steamed gooseberry filling. Then we bake a sweet snow crown on top.

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Gooseberry cake with snowflake

Gooseberry cake with snowflake

Sour gooseberry filling on a buttery body, hidden under a layer of sweet white snow.

It is a short distance from gooseberries to currants

Pasta, sponge, snow and cake with currants will please you with its freshness in the middle of a hot summer.

Currant cake with egg white snow

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