Cooking for one is worth it! Healthier, fresher, cheaper than semi-prepared products or ordering

When you have to cook for one, you often use the excuse that it doesn’t fit at all. However, just think a little and you will understand that the opposite is true.

So whether you live alone or eat differently than the rest of the family, instead of ordering food all the time, cook something delicious instead.

A chance to eat healthier alone

Take this option as a great opportunity to eat healthier. When you cook one portion, you will not cook heavy and too high-calorie dishes. Pay attention to variety and always add a large portion of vegetables to your meal. Choose healthier forms of preparation such as cooking, steaming or proper grilling.

In this way, you can cut one part even better. Also remember that if you process fewer ingredients, cooking will take less time and you can’t complain about the lack of time either. Another advantage is that you can always prepare what you want and you don’t have to choose only from a narrow menu of restaurants. In addition, you will always have everything fresh and you have control over the ingredients used.

Do just for you for two days

When you want to cook recipes that are difficult for one person to make, cook two portions. You eat one for dinner and take the other to work. Or save it for dinner the next day.


If you don’t like eating the same foods several times in a row, try adding something different to the second portion. For example, make a different side dish, add different vegetables or make a dressing or sauce that complements the meat.

One pan meals

Try to prepare meals from one pan or one pot. You save time and can better estimate one serving. You can make a simple natural roast meat very quickly, and it’s healthy too. You just need to add a little oil, fry it or cook a side dish in the pan at the same time. When you adhere to a healthy style, grill your vegetables. Or cook potatoes in their skins in advance, then just take the required amount and fry them in oil. In one pan, you can also prepare a sauce or make a great sauce from baked goods. You don’t get many dishes dirty and you have a delicious meal ready in no time.

Cook two in one

An ideal example is broth. If you make it chicken, add more vegetables. You just have to prepare the rice, peel the meat, chop the vegetables and mix everything. You have the soup and the second dish ready. Add the whole breasts to the broth, cut them into cubes and mix them into the salad. If you marinate them, you can fill sandwiches with it.

I have already added several broths here, but since it is a soup that we prepare often and always…

In the case of beef, you can make Austrian tafelspitz or cook “red potatoes” with fried onions and red peppers.

Tafelspitz is made from meat cooked in a strong broth. It is traditionally served with steamed vegetables…

Two-in-one dishes are also dishes that can replace both soup and main course. Ramen or pot stew is ideal. Cook several portions of them and if you don’t want to eat them the next day, you can freeze them and then when you don’t have time to cook, you just take one portion out of the freezer and heat it up.

Hot Japanese soup made from fermented red miso paste with ginger, onion, corn, eggs…

Cold plates for dinner for one

Cold dishes for dinner are very easy to prepare for one person. That’s because you can see directly what your portion looks like and it’s easier to keep track of the amount.

Especially in the summer, a healthier dinner will be useful, so you can prepare different salads. Alternate the side dish, prepare roast meat, steak, boiled egg or mix cheese.

The different spreads you can keep for breakfast are also great.

A quick egg and cottage cheese spread…

Or prepare a stuffed sandwich, marinated tofu or a delicious sandwich.

When there is no ham or bacon in the fridge, we help ourselves with soft ox eye,…

Prepare the basis of the meals in the refrigerator

As always, preparation is important. Start by cutting the meat properly. Prepare 100 to 150 grams of raw weight for one person. After buying it, put the already stored portions in the freezer, which you will always take out as needed. You can also marinate it on a Sunday night and then make a steak one day, then cut it into a patty or bake it in the oven with vegetables.

If you cook tofu, you need one whole cube per serving.

Cut the vegetables in advance and then add them to the food.

When you do such a preliminary preparation, you will also be able to correctly cut the amount for one part.

Tips for meals for one:

– jumped

A delicious stir-fry that goes best with potato cake. Try it!

– grilled meat with grilled vegetables

– omelette

– frittata

– pasta with different sauces – put one to two handfuls of pasta per serving

– baked pasta, vegetables, meat, potatoes – just buy a smaller bagel for one portion

– roasted chicken

This roast chicken is full of incredible flavors, has a crispy crust…

– stuffed baked aubergines, pumpkins or mushrooms

Simple pumps are also suitable for the New Year.

– Italian and Slovak risotto

When you want something light without meat and you don’t have much time. Delicious vegetable risotto…

– stew

A great classic that fills you up for lunch or dinner.

– pancakes that you make from neutral dough and you can leave them in the fridge for two or three days and still make them in a different way.

Delicious pancakes that are always a hit! Certainly with this recipe 🙂 It’s good to have a recipe on hand….

– grilled or baked fish

Marinated salmon grilled in foil.

– pizza from the dough that you prepare in advance and freeze one portion at a time in the freezer

– filled tortillas

Shup shup lunch ready in a few minutes.

– shoulders

A big bowl of Japanese ramen soup will fill you up all afternoon 🙂

– asparagus with hollandaise sauce

– a quiche that you will have for work the next day as well

– humus

– Caprese or Caesar salads

– meatballs

Köfte is one of the most popular and simplest dishes of Turkish cuisine. There are many…

Another common excuse for not cooking is the long time it takes to prepare food. It seems to us that we could use it better, so from time to time we reach for half-finished products. These ten tricks will show you how cooking can be significantly speeded up.

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Written: 23/05/2022

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