life on the farm - august/september

Y'all, I don't know about where you live, but here in Minnesota the weather is causing all kinds of seasonal confusion.  One day is summer, then it follows weeks of autumnal weather and temperatures.  Some trees have started to turn color and there is definitely a change in the air.  But then again, this is the Midwest and it is the end of August and beginning of September-- the transition month.  Before we know it, the light will start changing and taking that golden tone that you just know it is autumn.  But here in the farm, we are gearing with more checks and preparations for harvest season come October/November.  So what has been happening?

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg
PicMonkey Collage1.jpg
  • The veggies planted continue to thrive and hello kale and chard! I love you!
  • Sweet corn harvest came and it was two days of chucking corn followed by cutting it from the cob, cooking and packing for freezing. I am so glad my mother-in-law likes to do this because it is the best corn ever.  And that she took the time to teach me means the world to me.  After all, to me canned corn was perfectly fine before I came into this family.  I've been schooled. :)
  • As I mentioned, leaves are changing.  I'm not mentally prepared for this yet.
  • The apple trees are packed and some ready for picking.  I think they are confused too because normally we don't get apples until end of September.
  • The foggy mornings have become more frequent.  I love a foggy morning, just not yet
  • But foggy mornings are followed by gorgeous days. Me likey.
  • The white hydrangeas are starting to turn pinkish-- a tell-tale sign that the seasons are changing.
  • The dahlias are doing fabulously, well for the most part.  The Cafe au lait and the Islander dahlias are stunted people!  The Cafe is blooming even at its pigmy size.  But the Islander is nothing but foliage... not a bloom in sight. Ugh.  And I am dealing with some pesky pests.  But I am determined to win!
  • I am thinking of painting the living room.  Seriously, I am tired of the beige on the walls.  I've dealt with it since we married two years ago.  I think it's time.

What is happening in your neck of the woods? Are you suffering from seasonal confusion?