Gelatin desserts are back in fashion: We will advise you how to prepare them in the best way

Gelatin is a part of many desserts that you wouldn’t guess. It helps them keep their shape, improves the composition of creams, and last but not least, thanks to its transparency, it creates the most beautiful decorations on the surface of sweet temptations.

You probably still remember desserts from the past that were decorated with a transparent or colored layer of gelatin on top. Thanks to this, confectioners were able to come up with beautiful decorations and they always stood out in candy showcases. Now they are back among current trends, along with jelly candies and panna cotta.

The jelly is also for vegans

In recipes, you find two terms – gelatin and jelly. At first glance, it may seem that it is the same delicacy that is labeled with different words.

Gelatin is of animal origin. It is mainly used for creams or to fill cakes, where you need to achieve a stiffer consistency. For example, if you make whipped cream flavored cream and you want it to form a solid layer, you add gelatin to it. You can also mix it into aspic.

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Jelly, on the other hand, is of vegetable origin, it is made from algae, so it is also suitable for vegans. It has a firmer consistency, it is quite transparent, so it is used precisely to decorate fruits.

Tips and tricks for making gelatin

The preparation of these two raw materials is also different. You have to boil the jelly. According to the instructions, mix it in the right proportion with water, put it in a pot, let it boil and set it aside for a while. Then it has to cool a little, because you can’t put it in cakes hot, but warm.

Gelatin, on the other hand, is only heated in water, but it does not have to reach the boiling point. Also let it cool down a bit and then continue working with it. It can be flake, but also powder. The preparation is still the same, you just have to follow the recommended proportions of water to have a good composition. When shopping, note that stores already offer different types of gelatin depending on the specific recipes you want to use it for. Thanks to this, it will stick better in desserts.

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Whether you use jelly or will work with gelatin, always put it on top of some layer of cream, fruit or jam, not directly on the dough. Thanks to this, it holds better. After cooling, let it harden well in a cool place. Use a thin knife to cut and keep wiping it with crumbs from the dough and cream to create a nice cut.

Make shapes out of the fruit

If you think back to the gelatin desserts that were popular in the past, they had dough on the bottom. It was often a sponge cake or you can easily make it unbaked. Next comes the creamy layer. Cheese or vanilla, which is a neutral flavor, is ideal. Now comes the important part of playing with the look a bit. Make beautiful cuts of different types of fruits and stack them on top of the cream in a beautiful colorful pattern. Only then cover them with jelly, which you can also slightly color with natural dye.

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Unbaked cheese-cherry slices

Unbaked cheesy cherry slices

Simple, delicious and no baking!

Gelatin as the main component of panna cotta

Without gelatin, we wouldn’t even have the very popular panna cotta. The delicious Italian dessert is characterized by a stiffer consistency. It is made from cream flavored with vanilla and sugar, which is boiled for some time and mixed with gelatin. It is poured into glasses and then the fruit layer is added. Always choose it according to the current season, and more sour fruits are preferable, which offset the sweet taste.

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Strawberry panna cotta

A beautiful two-tone dessert with a rich creamy taste and fresh strawberry puree.

Make jelly candies

You will also delight the children with delicious and, moreover, healthy sweets. Choose some favorite fruit and juice it. Dilute the juice with a little water and add sugar if necessary. Mix everything with the jelly and pour it on a small tray. When it has hardened, cut it into small cubes, which you can still cover with powdered sugar.

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Purple cranberry gelatin

Purple cranberry jelly

Attractive color and the flavor of blueberry jelly…

Jelly cakes and glasses

We also have one tip for lovers of gelatin itself, which, by the way, is great for joints and bones. Make glasses out of it where you just mix it with fruit and you can add fruit cream on top after it’s done. Or pour it into a cake or muffin stand and then cut pretty colorful pieces of fruit when serving.

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Homemade strawberry gelatin

A delicious, swinging fresh strawberry that is made for…

Transparent jelly as the top layer of cheesecakes

With cheesecakes, it is very important that you offset the sweetness of the cake layer and the cream. Fruit puree is usually added on top or you can prepare gelatin. Either clarify it with fruit, or incorporate mixed fruit into it. It perfectly preserves the shape of the dessert and thus creates layers with different consistencies, which are more interesting in desserts.

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No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake

A fresh, cold and beautifully colored cookie that is as light as…

Gelatin preserves the shape of desserts and strengthens creams

This raw material is also very important for desserts that have a high cream layer. A low dough would not be able to keep the firm shape of the whole dessert. This is how you can make, for example, various foam combinations or a high cream cheese filling. Add the gelatin according to the instructions and let them harden well. It is very important to follow the recipe exactly to get the right consistency.

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No Bake Zebra Cake

A beautiful dessert that any amateur confectioner can handle and what’s more, without…

You can also make an interesting element in the middle of the cakes, when you add gelatin with a contrasting flavor between the two layers of cream.

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Orange cake with chocolate mousse

Orange cake with chocolate mousse

A beautiful cake that combines the freshness of oranges and the richness of chocolate.

Sweet foamy desserts

Gelatin is also used in some foamy desserts. You can make them cheese, chocolate or fruit. But remember that you can’t add a lot of gelatin there because they would have an aspic consistency. You only need to estimate a small amount that will help you keep the shape of the dessert and preserve its deliciousness. This will help you a lot, especially if you prepare the foam the day before, because it will not mold.

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Homemade foam candies - marshmallows

Homemade foam candies – marshmallows

A sweet foamy treat that you no longer need to buy at the store, but you can just…

Try strawberry tiramisu, mousse, panna cotta, cake and amazing marshmallows:

Iced strawberry banana mousse

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