Have a craving for a treat, but are you on a diet? Here are some ideas for sweet treats that are lower in sugar

If you have a craving for dessert, but you don’t want to overdo it with sugar or you don’t have time for a complicated preparation, you can be inspired by the following ideas that only take a few minutes to make. .

Berries and cream

A classic combination that never gets old. Berries are sweet, juicy and low in calories. They also have lots of heart-healthy nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. Add a dollop of whipping cream or low-fat sour cream to one cup of berries to add 20 to 50 calories but little or no sugar to this dessert.

Frozen fruit bars

Some brands of popsicles offer low calorie and lower sugar options. If you have time, you can make your own popsicle to avoid or at least limit added sugars. Look for recipes that use low-carb fruits.

Dark chocolate

A tried and true classic you can’t go wrong with. If you have a sweet tooth, a few pieces of dark chocolate during the week are not as bad for your diet as you might think. This type of chocolate has less sugar and more cocoa than milk chocolate. This means fewer calories but more nutrients like flavonoids. For the most benefit, look for a cocoa content of 70% or more, but remember that caffeine content increases with cocoa.

Yoghurt parfait

Almost like eating a sundae, with less added sugar and more fiber and nutrients. Take plain plain yogurt, which has less sugar than flavored varieties, and top it off with fresh fruit and some nuts. A little granola is good too.

Fruit and cheese

The sweet taste of fresh or dried fruit is excellent in combination with the creaminess of cheese. Try moldy brie, goat cheese or cheddar with dates, figs or apples.

Frozen bananas in chocolate

This dessert is really easy to make and not that bad for your diet. Freeze some banana slices and melt the dark chocolate. Cover the bananas with chocolate and, if you like, sprinkle them with nuts. Then put them back in the freezer until you are ready to eat them.

Poached pears

To poach something is to smother it gently in a little liquid. You can cook pears in lemon water, apple juice, red wine and many other liquids. It’s a simple but healthy dessert – one poached pear can have around 100 calories. Add a little poaching liquid to each peeled and cooked pear.

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