How to create an adequate supply of durable food? And what to cook from them?

The trend of modern eating has dictated the preparation of meals from the freshest possible ingredients. However, this made us accustomed to making a supply at home that we would use in case of a hot emergency. However, the current times have once again confirmed to us that we must return to this habit.

You don’t have to supply maybe five kilos of lentils, but the important thing is that you always have them in reserve and replenish them regularly. A big advantage is that it can prepare quick meals from most of these ingredients.

1. Vegetables

Try to always have one package of each legume at home. You can easily make them every day and you will always choose a different type to make a different delicious dish. You can prepare traditional dishes from them, but also modern specialties. Some of them you have to soak the day before to reduce the cooking time. Well, for example, you can prepare lentils or small grains without this step. A big advantage is their nutritional value. Legumes have important fibers and minerals, they will give you enough energy and, in addition, they will fill you up well.

What can you quickly cook from legumes?


One of my childhood favorite soups. My daughter likes it too. But I did…


Hearty stew with stuffed meatballs.

Curry or dhal:

A nutritious, aromatic and delicious red lentil dish with which you can…


The familiar taste of the Middle East, or a night visit to a kebab shop on the corner of the street…


Protein spread from lentils.

2. Tofu cheese

It is important to have at least one high-quality protein source at home. Vegetarians are very familiar with tofu cheese, which again has the advantage that you can prepare it in many ways. It also has a longer warranty. If you buy fresh pieces in the store, you can keep them in the refrigerator for up to two months. You can choose from a variety of flavors and you can choose natural white, smoked, marinated, with basil or spicy. Cold and hot dishes can be prepared from it and it is very easy to work with, so everything is cooked quickly. It is important to have a good marinade that gives it the right taste.

What can you quickly cook from tofu?

Cut in half and roasted, sautéed, imitation cod, marinated with vegetable salad, omelette, …

Or try hari with chunks of tofu:

In our country, tofu appears quite often as a substitute for meat. If you are not…

3. Potatoes and root vegetables

Choose vegetables that last as long as possible. If you have a cooler pantry or basement, potatoes and root vegetables are the best. Their advantage is that you can comfortably cook different dishes from them, which you can change regularly. You can also put carrots, celery or parsley in the fridge where they will last longer. They have a high nutritional value and you can prepare a complete menu from them.

What can you quickly cook from potatoes and root vegetables?


According to my recipes, you can follow how our family eats. When our youngest was born,…

Fake goulash:

Potato Pancakes:

Traditional potato cakes that are simply dusty. And always!

Celery spread:

A delicious dish for every morning…

Roasted vegetables:

A delicacy made from autumn vegetables with sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes with a unique taste.

4. Flour, salt and sugar

When cooking, we use the least amount of raw flour, so you don’t need such a large supply. If you don’t like classic white, you can also get spelt, whole grain or legume that you prefer. A clear advantage is its durability and the number of basic things you can prepare from it. If you add basic spices to it, you can make many quick and delicious recipes.

What you can quickly cook from flour, salt and sugar?

Pancakes, dry bread rolls, fries, fuku, …

Or honest homemade bread:

The preparation of this homemade bread ideally starts a day before, so that we can achieve a really fragrant…

5. Rice and pasta

The advantage of rice and pasta is that you can cook them as a side dish, but also as a main dish. Again, there are many variations, thanks to which you can cook meals throughout the week. As dry foods, they have a very long warranty and store well. Even if they remain as one of the few foods, they know how to satiate you well.

What can you quickly cook from rice and pasta?

Rice Pudding:

Rice pudding with apples, cinnamon and nuts, great food for autumn days.

Slovak and Italian-style risotto:

A simple, aromatic risotto for a weekday.

Pasta with simple sauce:

Baked dough:

Delicious but very filling food. Suitable as an unwrapped lunch or as a side dish for roast…

Rice Pudding:

A delicious quick lunch or dinner.

6. Spices and herbs

Always have a well-stocked spice rack. They can change all the dishes very easily. Grow herbs in a pot, because you can quickly improve any dish. Think of rice, for example. One day you make it plain with salt, then you add curry, cinnamon is good for sweetness, and marjoram gives it a nice aroma. Every time you cook, you have a completely different dish, while the main ingredient always remains the same.

7. Nuts and dried fruits

Also think about a quick source of energy that you can get from, for example, dried fruit. Nuts are a source of protein and nutrients. Both have a long shelf life, you can combine them and easily improve the taste of several dishes. They can be added to dessert, but also to the main meal.

What can you quickly prepare from nuts and dried fruits?

Muesli, raw cake, side dish for semolina or oatmeal, quick snack, part of filling for meals…

Amazing fitting bars:

Excellent fit bars from our own production…

8. Frozen meat

Sometimes we forget to use the freezer too. Whether you have frozen vegetables that you can quickly cook from, for example soup or meat, you will still manage to prepare a great meal. Even if you don’t take the meat out right away, you can defrost it in the oven or microwave with this function. Provide smaller portions that melt faster.

What can you quickly prepare from meat?


Grilled Steak: Minced Meatballs: Soup:

I have already added several broths here, but since it is a soup that we prepare often and always…

Baked meat in the oven:

Dill sauce is a classic that we served today with slow roasted beef…

9. Canned vegetables

Since vegetables do not last long, store them in canned form. If you could not go to the store for some reason, you will not lose important vitamins and you will complete the dishes with excellent taste. So always keep corn, peas, mix, legumes, tomatoes and sauerkraut.

What can you quickly prepare from canned vegetables?

Soup, vegetable meatballs, cabbage, spread, pasta with tomato sauce

How about szegedin from sauerkraut?

10. Preserved fish

Canned fish is also useful. You can make them into throws, but also into hot dishes. Tuna, which can be processed in a variety of ways, is ideal. Again, you have the benefit of a longer warranty and easy storage. Choose different types so you don’t get bored quickly.

What can you quickly prepare from tinned fish?

Scatter, pasta with tuna, pizza, mayonnaise fish salad, meatballs, …

Pretty ordinary, but a great spread:

Fish spread is a mandatory breakfast here on weekends. Mostly on Sundays…

What is not suitable for storage?

– watery fruits and vegetables that spoil quickly

– semolina, because it has a short warranty period

– ham and ham salami, dry is more suitable

– fresh yeast, it is better to replace it with dry

– soft cheeses with a shorter warranty period

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Written: 13/06/2022

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