Irresistible minced meat classics!

Meatballs, meatballs, meatloaf, steaks or lasagna?

Besides burgers…

Before we jump into grilling burgers in the upcoming summer season, let’s recall other classic and equally good grilled meat dishes.

Minced meat is always wonderful if you grind it yourself at home from the selected section, or they will grind it for you at the butcher. Some of us prefer packaged minced meat, which in recent times it went through a small revolution and in addition to the classics – pork, beef or a mixture, packages with less than 20% or 10% fat or ground turkey or chicken began to appear on the counters.

There is certainly a lot to choose from. Like the amount, there are also some recipes in which ground meat appears. We leave the hamburgers and moussaka for the summer, the soup bases for the autumn, and the kolozvárska for the winter.

For today, we have selected even greater classics. Those that are already pronounced they smell of the soft meat inside and the crispy shell on the surface. Here we checked out recipes from our contributors for such delicacies as turkey meatballs in a baguette or on spaghetti, meatball in a veil, stuffed meatballs with delicious beans, traditional Italian lasagna with ground beef and an absolute classic – ground schnitzel with cheese.

Bon appetit!

This is a slightly dietary variation on classic meatballs. But here they always end up in a white baguette or…

the roulade thus prepared is also suitable for cold use as part of a cold dish

Hearty stew with stuffed meatballs.

We really like lasagna. They will always remind us of the atmosphere of a holiday in Italy. Harmony of flavors…

A classic that never disappoints!

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