Light and healthy tofu desserts

Unique creamy sweets can also be made from tofu.

That’s right! Soy cheese can also be the basis of a great dessert. And also healthy, because tofu does not contain as much fat as, for example, mascarpone or other cream cheese.

So-called silken tofu is usually used for soy desserts. Its consistency is softer than that of natural tofu. Silken tofu can be bought in Asian food stores, online, but also in some regular supermarket chains.

If you can’t find it, you can always replace the soft soy cheese with classic flavorless tofu, which you simply mix with a little vegetable milk for a softer, creamier consistency.

Tofu Pudding: try a traditional Japanese recipe for sweet tofu with ginger syrup. Soft pieces of tofu are prepared from soy milk and sweetened with a spicy syrup.

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Tofu pudding with ginger syrup

Tofu pudding with ginger syrup

A traditional delicacy made from soy milk with a spicy, sweet syrup.

Tofu cream: a delicious cream mixed from tofu and vegetable milk, sweetened with agave syrup or other sweetener, mixed with melted hot chocolate. yum!

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Chocolate tofu dessert

Chocolate tofu dessert

Great tofu and chocolate cream.

Tofu Tiramisu: a delicious dessert inspired by a traditional Italian recipe of silken tofu coffee and oatmeal.

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Tofu Tiramisu

A healthy way to make delicious tiramisu.

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