Looking for easy meatless barbecue recipes?

Soňa Makranská from the vegan bistro in Prievidza has put together a quick and easy summer menu for you.

If you have a lover of plant-based foods in your group and a communal barbecue awaits you, with recipes from an experienced vegan known on Instagram as Sova_huhu, you can prepare a delicious meat-free lunch or dinner in no time.

photographySource: Kaufland

Carrot tortillas with vegan chicken nuggets and lá Soňa_huhu

Raw materials:

4 pieces of carrot tortilla

1 package of K-take it veggie nuggets

fresh salad

250 g pumpkin

100 g of chopped red cabbage


240 g of red beans

5 tablespoons of K-take it veggie coconut yogurt

fresh oregano


2 cloves of garlic

Recipes.skphotographySource: Kaufland


We will grill the pumpkin, prick it with a fork with a little salt and a pinch of nutmeg. Just grill the nuggets for a few minutes until crispy. Clean the salad and tear it into larger pieces. Cut the ripe avocado into strips, finely chop the cabbage and mix the beans, oregano, coconut yogurt, salt and crushed garlic into a paste.

We will layer the individual parts lengthwise in the center of the carrot tortilla. First, we cover it with roasted spiced pumpkin, add K-take it veggie nuggets, bean paste and all the vegetables. Fold the edges of the omelette inward and roll from the bottom up. The finished packages can be grilled for a short time.

Sona’s roasted fruit in a bathrobe

Raw materials:

1 apple, pineapple or other fruit

60 g plain spelled flour

90 ml K-take it vegetable milk

1 tablespoon of cinnamon sugar

K-Bio maple syrup for pouring

K-take it veggie coconut yogurt for garnish

Recipes.skphotographySource: Kaufland


Cut the fruit into thin slices and cut out the middle. We prepare a thicker dough from flour, milk and cinnamon sugar. We dip the slices in the batter and put them on the contact grill, greased with a little oil. Fry until golden on both sides. Pour agave syrup over the grilled slices on a plate and garnish with coconut yogurt. You will surely enjoy it.

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