May was dominated by strawberry and lemon goodness

Pasta cakes, wonderful fruit slices and unbaked desserts that will captivate you with their beauty and freshness.

May, which has ended, traditionally belongs to the treats of the first sweet strawberries. And since we have collected quite a few of them, we choose at least some of them.

Lemon slices and cakes were a surprise. They probably meant the freshness of lemons, which is perfect for the first warm days.

And of course there are also no-bake desserts that are a celebration of the awakening summer.

Please choose from our – your rich May offer of sweet temptations:

Strawberry Shortcake: let’s start with a fantastic one. Light cake with fresh strawberries.

Unbaked Charlotte: sponge cake charlottes are always perfect and a nice refreshment when you don’t feel like baking.

A great no-bake dessert made from cake sponges and plain cottage cheese…

Myrtle Dough Pie: a penetrating classic like grandma’s.

I discovered blueberries in the freezer and the choice was clear. Fragrant, crunchy and yet juicy…

Beautiful Bubble: this year’s first bubble with an unusual ingredient and a beautiful color. yum!

Soft, supple and beautifully green sweet cookie😍 The taste of spinach is in this…

Summer tiramisu: even children will love the perfect fruit tiramisu without coffee. Just skip the almond liqueur.

A refreshing dessert with tiramisu cream and strawberries.

Explosive pleasure: light as a cloud – both the dough and the filling. yum!

What better way to celebrate spring than with a light dessert. The baked dough is perfect for filling…

Cottage cheese roof: a traditional unbaked dessert in which the banana has been replaced by sweet strawberries.

Nothing beats a good strudel: and this one with Nutella, you just have to love it.

An honest homemade strudel with a strong chocolate-nut filling. Fragrant and beautifully supple.

Simple cuts: a perfect combination of chocolate body, fresh sour cream and fresh strawberries.

A quick and wonderful dessert filled with your favorite chocolate…

Moist cake: simple lemon cake covered with sugar-lemon syrup Sweet refreshment, as it should be.

We make this cake often. It uses uncooked lemon cake syrup…

Strawberry Temptation: traditional pastry cake with sprinkles and fresh strawberries. Irresistible!

Our strawberries grow beautifully and we can enjoy them to the fullest every day. Today in the traditional…

The perfect combination: the turn of May and June belongs to rhubarb. If you combine it with strawberries, you can, for example, prepare such a beautiful and delicious cake with egg white snow.

The perfect dessert after a good lunch. Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb are always delicious…

Three-layer temptation: sour sauce from forest fruits, light sponge cake and fresh cream made from cottage cheese, mascarpone and whipped cream. Hum!

Thanks to its sour taste, this simple dessert will refresh you on hot days.

Lemon slices: a perfect cookie from American cuisine. If you haven’t baked such tender cuts yet, summer is the perfect opportunity.

A classic of American cuisine, which has many forms and methods of preparation. This recipe…

Kiwi Pie: simple but wonderful cake with sweet kiwis.

Cookies: perfect cakes with lemon curd filling.

Excellent dough cakes with a wonderful fresh filling😍

Pastry cake: and another shortbread with sweet cherries.

The easiest fresh fruit cake I know. The right…

You know hole in the wall?

A simple, quick and extra juicy cake that you will instantly fall in love with:

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Written: 06/05/2022

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