Prepare fried liver, gnocchi for soup or homemade patty

Red does not appear on our plates as often as in the past. However, they can bring us not only a delicious experience, but also health benefits. One of the most popular is undoubtedly the liver, from which you can prepare several delicious treats.

The liver contains a lot of iron

Liver consumption is especially recommended for people who are anemic. It contains a lot of iron, so you should indulge in it even on difficult days when you feel very tired.

Another important advantage is the high content of B vitamins, especially B12. It helps in the processing of other vitamins and minerals and also benefits the proper development and regeneration of muscles.


The minerals are dominated by zinc and there is also vitamin A. This composition of nutrients is very useful for strengthening immunity, so it helps your health in this direction as well.

Pork, poultry, but also cod liver

Liver from basically any animal can be used in cooking. Pork, beef or veal takes longer to cook. It is used, for example, in frying or slow cooking, when it perfectly combines the flavors of the whole meal.

Chicken liver is the most popular among people. Chicken and turkey are prepared quickly and taste more delicate. It is mostly used cut into smaller pieces, but you can also try frying it whole. Duck is excellent for pâté and goose in the form of Foie Gras is considered a gastronomic experience. It has a very fine texture, so you have to be careful when cooking so that it doesn’t fall apart. Just cut it into slices and quickly fry it in butter or oil.

Cod liver


Cod liver is also very tasty and healthy. You can buy it already heat-treated in a can and it is served with onion and lemon juice. You can also make a spread out of it.

Why don’t you salt the liver while cooking?

In recipes for liver, you will often find advice that you should salt the food only at the end of cooking. The main reason is that it will harden and you would no longer achieve a good consistency. Be especially careful with beef and pork, which are tougher. If you flavored it like that before cooking or right at the beginning, you would spoil the whole recipe.

Dumplings for soup

Even from childhood, you know liver gnocchi. We added them to the broth to make it better and at the same time give the kids the iron they needed. They are made from any liver, but the best is poultry.

You grind it, add an egg, some plain flour or breadcrumbs and season it. You should get a thick mixture from which you can then cook delicious little gnocchi. Besides being used as an ingredient in broth, you can also use them as a main dish when you serve them, for example, with cheese sauce.

According to this detailed photo recipe, liver gnocchi will always be successful:

Delicious buns not just for soup.

A great fall patty

There’s nothing better than a delicious homemade patty that the whole family will love. Again, it tastes better if you prepare it from chicken or turkey liver. Peel it, cut it and fry it on onions. When it is completely soft, mix it.

In the following procedure, the recipes are already different. You can improve the patty according to your own taste. You can add cranberries, some alcohol, stronger herbs or sautéed onions to it. You can also add red wine to it while sauteing. When the patty is ready, put it in a container and pour melted ghee on top.

Only a few ingredients are enough to prepare a delicious pate:

A delicate patty made from a few ingredients…

Roasted liver on onion

One of the most traditional liver delicacies is roasting. There is nothing simpler:

Very quickly prepared and delicious liver.

Always add a large amount of onion to it, or if you want to make the recipe a bit special, use leeks or shallots. Then add any liver you like and saute it slowly so it has a mild flavor. Then you can flavor it with marjoram. Some people like fried liver cut into small pieces, while others prefer larger slices. You can serve it with rice or serve it in a potato cake.

Fried or mock goose liver

You can also make delicious cutlets from the liver. Pork, beef or beef is ideal for this, but you can also try chicken. You can choose from a classic three-pack, crushed cornflakes or some pasta.

Fried liver


Another delicious dish is imitation goose liver. The recipe is made with pork and is very simple. Simply grind it finely, add whipping cream and some pepper. Pour it like this on a baking sheet and bake. Then cut it into small cubes and serve with potatoes.

Or try the delicate pate made from real goose liver:

Amazing goose liver delicacy.

Liver in cream with pasta or rice

Just as you prepare the chicken in cream, you can also prepare the liver. You can liven up the recipe with a little grilled bacon. Serve it with pasta or rice. If you want to improve this dish, you can use a mixture of chicken giblets and add gizzards and hearts to the liver, which you start cooking a little earlier.

Or prepare this slightly spicy version with tomato sauce, which goes well with rice:

A delicious lunch or dinner of pork liver and sausage.

Pay attention to the quality

When eating liver, it is also advised not to eat it too often. It has a cleansing function in the body and toxins also enter it. Therefore, it is more important than with other types of meat that you pay attention to a quality source.



Cook mainly from organic and free liver, so that it contains as few harmful substances as possible. Also be careful around children. They should consume forage from the age of two.

Another quick meat delicacy

Meatballs are one of the tastiest solutions for a quick lunch or dinner. But you don’t have to limit yourself only to the meat base when you prepare them.

Imaginary meatballs

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