Prepare Slovak fish: They are cheaper, fresher and healthier

In recent years, the popularity of marine fish has grown. Salmon, tuna or cod often appear on our plates. We forget the treasures of our waters. Commit to preparing an interesting recipe from Slovak varieties at least once a month.

Carp not just for Christmas

The most famous and at the same time the most popular Slovak fish is the carp. It is the main star of Christmas and thanks to that we know it especially in the version of fried anchors in a triple pack.

However, it is a somewhat underrated fish on normal days. It is especially pushed to the edge by a strong aftertaste that many reject. But to talk like that about a carp is a great shame. If it comes from good breeding, its meat is excellent and does not even have a strong smell of fish. You can also try the milk trick where you leave it soaked overnight. After that, you can prepare any modern dishes from it and you will see that the family will love it very much.

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Carp is a traditional delicacy that cannot be missing from the Christmas table in most…

Tips for carp recipes:

fried carp – add the spices to the tri-pack. Use, for example, smoked paprika that you mix into the breadcrumbs to flavor the fish itself.

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Fried carp

A traditional delicacy (not only) for the Christmas table.

Halászlé – in our region, carp is often used to make the traditional Hungarian soup halászlé. Don’t forget to debone it beforehand so the bones don’t get in the way of your consumption.

Blue carp – blue carp is also very popular in our region. Cook fish slices together with pieces of root vegetables and onions. Then serve them with boiled potatoes.

baked carp – you can simply bake carp in the oven, just like salmon. Also put lemon slices, favorite herbs on it and add a few drops of olive oil.

Trout not only for the grill

Another favorite is trout. We mainly prepare it as simply baked, but we can also come up with other delicious dishes from fillets. We also know rainbow trout, whose meat is very similar to salmon. It has a high proportion of nutrients, which is why it is also used, for example, during a diet. It is also great combined with vegetables or served with grits. Don’t forget to leave the skin on the slices you bake until crispy.

Tips for trout recipes:

baked trout – you just need to fill the fish with various herbs and salt it well. Alternatively, add a thin slice of butter. Put the whole fish in the oven like this and cook it slowly.

smoked trout – if you have a smoker at home, try smoking trout in it too. Then you can eat them separately or make a spread out of it.

Smoked troutphotographySource: iStockphoto

steamed trout – choose a simple recipe to preserve food. Place the trout slices, skin side down, in a drilled dumpling pot. Put herb leaves on it, salt it and slowly smother it like this.

Or try:

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Trout in yellow sauce.

Trout in yellow sauce, PHOTO RECIPE

Great tip for fish lovers. The savory sauce gives it the right twist.

Zubáč – the most delicious Slovak fish

According to the chefs, our best fish is the toothfish. It has delicate meat and is particularly suitable for more delicate dishes. Cook or bake it slowly and try not to heat it for a very long time. In that case, you would just needlessly dry and destroy it. Its advantage is that it has almost no bones, so you won’t waste a lot of time removing them.

A toothpick photographySource: iStockphoto

Tips for toothpick recipes:

toothpick baked in butter – let the meat of this fish stand out. Prepare the toothpick by slowly roasting it in butter, basting it all the time to ensure a more delicious taste.

toothpick with hollandaise sauce – bake the toothpick in the oven, just salting it and covering it with oil. Meanwhile, prepare the hollandaise sauce, pour it at the end and you can serve.

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Hollandaise sauce

Homemade hollandaise sauce

A quick, tasty and versatile sauce for almost anything.

toothpick baked on vegetables – choose any vegetable. Mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini or asparagus are great. Mix them with oil and salt and layer one on top of the other. Place the fish on top, skin side up, and bake slowly in the oven.

Amazing Toothpick Cheeks:

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Fried toothpick cheeks

Fried toothpick cheeks, PHOTO RECIPE

Sometimes you can buy toothpick cheeks, they are soft and delicious. Also suitable for Christmas…

Grilled pike

We often catch larger pieces of this fish that fishermen like to brag about. However, in stores you can also buy two to four kilogram pieces, which we bake in one piece. But you have to pay attention to the bones, which are more numerous and stronger.

Tips for pike recipes:

baked pike – many chefs follow the rule of baking fish with herbs that grow in the region where they are caught. Therefore, prepare pike with parsley, but you can also create a very interesting combination with a little dill. Stuff the fish, rub it with oil, cut strips into the skin and you can bake it.

PikephotographySource: iStockphoto

pike on wine – create a wine bath for the pike fillets. Place the fish first in the foil. Season it with salt and pepper and add herbs of your choice. Now put slices of butter on top and make a groove out of the foil. Pour wine into it, wrap it in a bag and put it in the oven. During the last few minutes, open it and turn on the grill.

pike confit – pike also tastes very good jam. You can cook it slowly, for example, in clarified butter, which softens it and adds to its deliciousness.


You will find it in stores only exceptionally, because it is not very well known. That’s why you should catch sturgeon most often. As with dentition, its bones are not strong and easy to remove. The meat is tender and you can prepare horseshoes or fillets from it.

Grilled sturgeonphotographySource: iStockphoto

Tips for sturgeon recipes:

sturgeon baked on potatoes – make sturgeon a one-baker meal. Place well-seasoned potatoes, which have been cut into slices, on the bottom. You can put fillets on them that you marinated before in herbs and olive oil. Bake them in the oven like this.

sturgeon with Italian risotto – if you prepare simply baked fish, in that case you can also serve it with Italian risotto. When frying in a pan, throw in a few whole cloves of garlic to flavor the oil.

An eel

The eel is already almost completely forgotten in our region. You won’t find it in stores and very few fishermen catch it anymore. Snake-shaped fish have tougher meat. You must always remove the bones when eating, as they are very difficult to remove.

Baked eelphotographySource: iStockphoto

Tips for eel recipes:

grilled eel – if you have the chance, smoke the eel. Thanks to this, it will have a better taste, the meat will be softer and you can eat it cold.

salad with eel – you can also serve fish with vegetable salads. That’s when smoked eels are best, which you just add on top and sprinkle with lemon.

eel in butter and herbs – fry the pieces of eel in a pan in melted butter, in which you threw the herbs. Pour it little by little during baking to give it a more interesting taste.

Amazing grilled fish

When grilling fish, choose the easiest way to let their flavor stand out. You can prepare fillets as well as whole pieces. Always use special grids for them, between which you can catch the fish and thanks to which it will not fall apart during baking.

Grilled troutphotographySource: iStockphoto

Do not season it in any way before heat treatment. Prepare it over the fire, transfer it to a plate and only now use olive oil, which you mix with a generous dose of salt, fresh herbs and lemon juice. Thanks to this, the fish will be juicier and the meat will have a better consistency. If you bake a whole fish. Place herbs and lemon slices in her belly.

Cod is one of the most popular fish among Slovaks

Cod, as the main ingredient in delicious soup, mayonnaise salad and tender meatballs.

Cod in three delicious dishes

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