Recipe for the weekend: Traditional Easter bun. Do you want an egg or cottage cheese?

Something like cheese, salty bread, which cannot be missing from the Easter table in the east of Slovakia. Easter bread, one of the traditional dishes of our ancestors, is not difficult to prepare. Try it out.

Bun ready for the Easter table.

Photo: Pravda

We offer two recipes, one classic, made with eggs and milk, the other is cottage cheese with garlic.

Egg roll

We need: a liter of milk, 10 eggs, salt, vegetables, finely chopped green parsley

Access: Beat the eggs in milk, season with salt, vegetables, parsley and let it boil. When it begins to boil, the mass will begin to clump, the eggs will separate from the water. We strain it through cheesecloth or cloth, make it into a bun, bread, and try to squeeze out the excess water. Tie the top with string, weigh it and put it in the fridge. Then cut into thin slices, like cheese.

Curd ball

We need: half a kilo of cottage cheese, 8 eggs, 5-6 garlic (if you want a stronger taste, you can use more), black pepper, salt, vegetables, butter to grease the baking sheet and some semolina, or flour

Access: Grind the cottage cheese in a meat grinder or mix it (if we use soft cottage cheese, it is not necessary), add egg yolks with crushed garlic, salt, black pepper and vegetables. Beat the egg whites and gently fold them into the mixture.

We will prepare a form, for example, it can be the one for the back of a deer. Grease it with butter and sprinkle with semolina or flour.

Pour the dough and bake at 180-200 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. Serve cold, cut into thin slices.

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