hiking for the soul - great river bluff state park


Every few years I get a cold from hell that just takes me down for the count.  This year, it happened and there is nothing worse than spending Thanksgiving high on Theraflu and Mucinex. It is just not fun.  By Sunday I was feeling better and I was suffering from cabin fever.  You see. I spent the Monday before Thanksgiving and until Wednesday in bed. No joke.  On Thanksgiving Day I was feeling a bit better in the morning but by afternoon I was tired and just wanting to crawl into bed again. It was not until Sunday that I felt a bit better.  By then the need to get out of the house and just breath some fresh air was bigger than me.

As an outdoors lover, I am pretty fortunate that Minnesota has an amazing number of state parks, county parks, trails, etc.  And that is what I did-- I headed to the Great River Bluffs State Park in Nodine, MN-- about 25 minutes from where I live.  The park has two natural areas: King's and Queen's Bluff.   The King's Bluff trail has a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River Valley and it is my favorite, probably because I have not been to Queen's Bluff since it is designated as an educational area and accessible only by permit. But the King's Bluff is truly amazing. 


The loop I normally take is about 5 miles and the scenery is spectacular.  The Mississippi River dotted with islands is gorgeous.  As points you just have to stop and take it all in.  Hiking provides lots of introspection for me.  Personally, as a Christian is where I feel closer to God.  My prayers and thoughts are more focused. I’m more me in the trails.


Thankfully, that day the temperature was in the high 40F with a light breeze so it was not cold.  And as I always do during this season, I dressed in layers, which proved smart. My lungs with their congestion were not ready for running—I knew that. But all in all, it was a great little hike and just what I needed.

Do you like hiking? Are there any “dream” hiking spot you want to visit?