Do You Run When You Are Sick? Half-Marathon Update


I checked at my calendar yesterday and the Midnight Sun Half Marathon in Tromsø is 25 weeks away. Seems like a long time but when you add everything else going on in life, holidays, etc. it is not.  I am actually pretty excited about finally tackling the half-marathon distance. Up until now, my races have been up to 10K but nothing above that.  I have hiked longer but never running.

This fall was really hard for me to train. My health was not good and I made the conscious decision to get healthy before I start.  If you are new to the blog, I had a stomach bacteria that was giving me many digestive issues.  After two brutal rounds of hardcore antibiotics and a fungicide (yeah, that happened because it was so resistant to antibiotics) the bacteria died.  However, the medications made me super sick and weakened my immunity. I started feeling better and the day I finally felt better, I went for a run.  And that nigh in bed it started—the sniffles.  I caught my youngest stepson’s cold and with a vengeance.  That was the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving. I spent that Tuesday and Wednesday in bed after being sent home from work (I work at Mayo Clinic and I did not want to get people sick).  By the Monday after Thanksgiving, I was losing my voice. I am still coughing but it is finally going away.  I seriously could not even think about running.  I did go for a few hikes and my lungs were on fire after the exercise.  It is just very frustrating.

Now, the temperatures have started dropping fast here in Minnesota and I joined a gym so I can use the treadmill on those days when the weather gets below 20°F, and especially in January when it can get to -18°F.  This is the life you get when you choose to live in Minnesota. The stuff one does for love.

I have been itching to get back to running, though!My first few weeks of training will be all about getting back into the thick of things.  I have been doing buti-yoga (have you tried this workouts? They’re pretty crazy but I don’t hate them), hiking and working on the elliptical trying to sweat out the cold.  But come the last week of December it is on. I am actually going with the Jeff Galloway training plan.  My main goal is to finish the marathon. I do not want to travel all the way to Tromsø and not finish my first race of this distance.  But I also want to enjoy it; I have been told that it is a visually stunning route.  So I think this method will work for me.

Do you ever train when you are sick? Have you tried ButiYoga? If so, do you like it?

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