my favorite tea-theme instagram accounts


The world of antique tea items and china can be a VERY addictive hobby.  Believe me when I tell you that once you get one, you want more.  To me is a combination of the history of items, the aesthetics, the rarity and just the fun of knowing you added another item to your collection.  And I am not alone is that love for antique tea pieces and china. 

While I have this blog, my main social media platform is Instagram. I am a very visual person and Instagram suits me very well.  There I have my micro flower farming account (@theblushbloom) but I share my passion for all things tea and antique china at The Little Teapot Vintage Co. (@thelittleteapot_vintageco).  I just recently started this account but have already fallen in love with some fellow tea and china lovers.  And I am sure you will love them too.

  • No. 1 Gentle Rattle of China – Instagram @gentlerattleofchina) // website:

    Be prepared to be wowed by this account and the beautiful high end, exquisite china. From beautiful Coalport china to Paragon and Royal Albert, if tea sets is what makes your heart patter, then she is a must follow on IG.

  • No. 2 Little British Cottage – Instagram @littlebritishcottage // website:

    From Chicago, IL the sweet Stacy, a self-identified Britophile, shop keeper and hand maker shares with the world, not only the beautiful items she creates, but also lovely finds in her online shop.  Right now my favorite items are sold out, but if a second batch of the Royal Wedding sets comes out, grab one!  They are adorable.

  • No. 3  Topsail Tea – Instagram @topsailtea

This account combines two of my favorite things in the world—tea and the sea.  I grew up by the sea in Puerto Rico, and consider myself an earthbound mermaid.  The images shared by Topsail Tea will have you yearning to be sitting by the sea with a hot cup of tea.

Based in Atlanta, GA, this wedding/event planning company is everything I would have loved to have at my wedding. They specialize in vintage fine china rentals for events.  And you have to look at their photos because they will have you swooning and planning your next tea-themed gathering event.

Based in Seattle, WA this store specializes in indulgent teas and accessories.  Their gallery is beautiful and will make you wish you lived there so you can stop by any time your heart desires.  Lucky for us, they have an online shop.  And as they say—It’s time to ParTEA!

  • No. 6 Love Vintage Teacup – Instagram @lovevintageteacup

A beautiful showcase of her vintage teacup collection awaits.  The gallery is utterly feminine and gentle.  And it will have you thinking that you need to step up your teacup collection game.

  • No. 7 Victoria Magazine – Instagram @victoriamagazine // website:

    You cannot walk about tea without talking Victoria Magazine.  I have been a HUGE fan of this magazine since like 1998.  I even remember when the magazine closed in 2004 and I was so sad to see it go.  Thankfully, the publishing gods had pitty on all of us who love all things beautiful and the magazine re-opened in 2007 thanks to Phillys Hoffman.  Is there a better feeling than receiving your Victoria Magazine in the mail? I think not.

  • No. 8 Queen’s Pantry Teas – Instagram @queenspantryteas // website:

This one is very near and dear to my heart because it is located in Leavenworth, KS—which was my last duty station before I retired from the Army.  I loved visiting this charming store in the even more charming historic downtown area.  Their tea collection is impressive but they also carry a gorgeous assortment of tea accessories.  While their online store is for teas, they will ship accessories if you contact them.