The best nut treats, sweet and beautifully crunchy

We love nut desserts. Today we have selected for you the most delicious recipes with pecans.

Delicious and also useful for health

Pecans are the fruit of the pecan tree, which is native to North America. They are similar to walnuts, but they are more elongated and their taste is sweeter, caramel.

Just like other nuts, pecans also have a positive effect on our body. They contain omega fatty acids, proteins, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and iron. Thanks to their high fiber content, they support digestion and the proper functioning of the intestines.

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They can satiate and start the metabolism very quickly, which is why they are also suitable for a diet.

Despite the fact that their consumption has a positive effect on our organism, be careful with their consumption. An excessive amount can cause digestive problems and also cause unwanted reactions, as they are among the most common allergens.

Do you know all kinds of nuts and do you know which ones are most beneficial to our body? You will learn in the video:

Delicious in any form

Besides eating them alone, we can enjoy their benefits in yogurt, porridge, salad and, last but not least, in dessert. And that’s why try these great recipes.

1. Pecan Cookies with Maple Caramel

A little sweet delight like a confectioner’s. You can also prepare such cookies at home. Try it out.

2. Cinnamon chia pudding with caramel pecans

A delicious cup full of healthy ingredients. Great for breakfast or a sweet snack.

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Cinnamon Chia Pudding with Caramel Pecans

Cinnamon Chia Pudding with Caramel Pecans

A wonderfully fragrant chia pudding that combines the taste of cinnamon, caramel and nuts.

3. Chocolate brownies with pecans

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. And if you add crunchy pecans to it, you have a winner. A dessert that will impress you in all circumstances.

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Flourless Chocolate Brownies with Pecans

Chocolate brownies with pecans

Perfect version. The combination of chocolate and pecans is sinfully good.

4. Deluxe milk glass with pecans

It is prepared in the evening and enjoyed the next day, because it tastes best aged.

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Deluxe milk glass with pecans

Deluxe milk glass with pecans

You can prepare this treat as a delicious dessert, but also as a luxurious breakfast.

5. Chocolate cake with coconut cream

An extra portion of favorite flavors. A dessert you will fall in love with from the first bite.

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Chocolate cake with coconut-pecan cream

Chocolate cake with coconut-walnut cream

An extremely addictive combination of German cuisine. Smooth chocolate body and cream…

6. Pecan-pear strudel

Fragrant strudel always pleases. This time in the version with pears.

7. Pletenec with maple syrup and pecans

Have you also bought them in store yet? You don’t have to, we have a best recipe for you that even a complete beginner can handle.

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Pletenec with maple syrup and pecans

Pletenec with maple syrup and pecans

A great delicacy that is delicate and crunchy thanks to the nuts…

8. Naked cake with caramel and pecans

For parties and a relaxing weekend. A perfect layered cake like from a bakery.

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Naked cake with caramel and pecans

Naked cake with caramel and pecans

A tall, beautiful cake with crunchy nuts, caramel sauce and mascarpone…

10. Cake with pecans

This should not be missing in our selection. The next time you bake, add a handful of nuts to the classic cake.

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Photo recipe: Bábovka with pecans

PHOTO RECIPE: Cake with pecans

I baked this cake. Pasta and raisins and nuts inside.

11. Pecan Pie

The more the better. And this dessert is proof of that.

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Pecan Pie

The Christmas classic from behind the big puddle is actually great.

12. Cinnamon Pie with Pecans

Two separate raw materials that come together perfectly. Cinnamon and pecans in fluffy dough.

13. Homemade caramels with pecans

Homemade caramels that we recommend making in a double batch. They are also good.

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Homemade caramels with pecans

Homemade caramels with pecans

Delicious homemade caramels that you’ll have ready once or twice. Their only downside is that they also…

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