The best sweet recipes we liked last year: Save the following list well and share it with your girlfriends!

Perhaps there is no person who does not like sweets. And since we’re also big foodies, we looked at Google’s statistics over the past year to find the most searched sweet recipes and treats. Do you regularly have them on your desk?

1. You can make donuts not only for Shrovetide

The first place belongs to donuts, which are perceived as a typical carnival food in our country. Viennese could swear that the chef from their ancestry was the first to fry donuts. Although mistaken, because she threw them into the boiling oil in the pan instead of the oven. We don’t know for sure where the truth is. However, we know that if you haven’t prepared them at home yet, you should try it.

VIDEO TIP Carnival is coming: How do you prepare donuts? Get inspired

Today’s recipe: Win over pasta, make carnival donuts like the Italians

2. Tiramisu like a real Italian

This famous Italian delicacy took second place. The origin of this dessert dates back to 1970 and is linked to the Italian city of Treviso, but similar creations were prepared by confectioners from the area much earlier. If you haven’t made tiramisu yet, definitely give it a try. There is nothing difficult.

PHOTO RECIPE Simple, quick and effective: Dessert à la mini tiramisu

PHOTO RECIPE Tiramisu the Slovak way: Everyone in your neighborhood will enjoy it

3. Christmas will remind you of your childhood

Who wouldn’t like a fragrant Christmas cake spread with butter and jam and hot cocoa. This smacks of a childhood memory. The first mention of Christmas cookies dates back to the 16th century, when only guild craftsmen baked them. Today you can already find it in every good bakery, but why not try baking it in the warmth of your home. And it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas.

Today’s recipe: Fragrant and soft Christmas cookies like grandma’s

PHOTO RECIPE Soft Christmas cake for holiday morning: homemade taste at its best

4. Pancakes are a filling sweet breakfast

Recently, many people are leaning towards a sweet breakfast, and fries are especially popular among Slovaks. Such Americans prefer them with maple syrup and bacon. However, this combination is not very popular in our country. What do you like them with? Prepare them according to one of our recipes and you will definitely enjoy them.

VIDEO TIP Restaurant-style apple fritters, a tip for a great breakfast!

VIDEO TIP Pear fritters with walnuts: They delight in taste and appearance

PHOTO RECIPE Delicious fritters without flour and sugar: Try them with warm raspberries!

5. Dolky like grandma’s

Sweet dumplings belong to traditional Slovak delicacies and are related to the kitchen of our grandmothers. They are basically fritters, just made from fermented dough baked in a pan with depressions. In some regions, after baking, they were still used to spread butter and sprinkle with poppy seeds, or they were covered with plum jam.

6. Cookies can also be prepared in a healthy way

Small biscuits in the form of cookies are probably known to each of us. They are usually baked with pieces of high quality chocolate. You must have tried to prepare this simple and quick treat in your kitchen. However, if you are looking for a new recipe, we have two for you, one even in a healthy version.

TIP Great chocolate chip cookies: Always fresh and crunchy

PHOTO RECIPE Healthy Banana Cookies: A quick and easy treat

7. Macarons are a pain for beginners

The perfect French delicacy. These three words accurately express the essence of macarons, even if the word “French” could be debated. Their origin is much debated and it is possible that the original recipe has its roots in Italy. However, France made them famous and they are becoming more and more popular with gourmets here. Their preparation is not fun, but you have to set high standards even when you experiment in the kitchen.

VIDEO TIP Delicious macarons: Bake them like a true French pastry chef

8. Bublanina will please the whole family

What kind of cake to bake when you have a lot of berries at home? But bubblegum. Other types of fruit are also popular, such as apricots or strawberries. Try these recipes we’ve checked and you’ll be sure to dust yourself off after a good bubbly.

Healthy baking with Lenka: The best strawberry shortcake will please the whole family: it will definitely be fluffy!

PHOTO RECIPE Original bublanin: You can adjust it easily, exactly according to your taste

PHOTO RECIPE: When you have a sweet tooth: Try the delicious soft bubble wrap with fruit.

9. Cakes with coffee

Tortets are cookies made from dough similar to our puff pastry. They are usually filled with cream, decorated with fruit, chocolate, caramel or egg white snow. We would find their origin in France. If you haven’t eaten them yet, be sure to do so, they are delicious and also a table decoration.

PHOTO RECIPE Fruit tortillas filled with caramel sauce: A dessert not just for holidays

VIDEO TIP Great dessert with coffee: Autumn tortillas with fragrant apples

10. Muffins are a Thanksgiving recipe

This sweet dessert is becoming more and more popular. It is believed to have originated in Great Britain. The best part is that you almost always have the ingredients for muffins at home, so you don’t have to run to the store for them.. Open our two recipes below and see if this is the case and you can start baking right away.

Chocolate, lemon, pistachio: Try muffins in different ways

VIDEO TIP Flourless Banana Oat Muffins: Hmm, try them too!

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