The Best Tasting Summer Foods: You Must Try These!

In summer, we meet with friends and family more often and we want to prepare some refreshments. If you are going to serve wine or some drinks, salty appetizers are very suitable. We offer you some tips for interesting treats with which you can surprise your guests.

Homemade veggie fries and chips

Buying potato chips in the store is a bit boring. Better try making a healthier alternative at home. Choose your favorite vegetable.

Chips and fries are very well made from, for example, carrots, beets, zucchini that you cut into thin slices or celery into chips. Mix everything with a little oil, salt and fresh herbs. Now spread the vegetables on greaseproof paper on a baking sheet, so that they are next to each other and not touching each other. This is the only way to make the chips deliciously crunchy. Bake them, let them cool and you can serve them with homemade sour cream dressing.

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Zucchini fries in a parmesan crust

A perfectly tasty and healthy snack in the form of crispy chips.

If you still prefer potato chips, make them at home too, because they will taste more interesting so fresh.

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Really crispy homemade chips

Really crispy homemade chips

Our father used to prepare homemade chips for us as children. They were great…

Biscuits with different flavors

The basic cracker dough is very similar to the soft one. You need 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of plain flour, 1 egg and any flavor you like. Most often, the popular grated cheese is added, which you add in the same amount as butter and flour.

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Party cheese crackers

Festive cheese crackers, PHOTO RECIPE

Salt cracker e.g. for a New Year’s Eve party.

Knead a stiff dough, let it stand in the fridge and then roll it into a thin sheet. With the help of molds, he cuts out the same shapes that you will later bake on a baking sheet. Before putting them in the oven, you can brush them with an egg and sprinkle, for example, with sesame, a little cheese or coarse salt. You can also add flavored mixed tomatoes, various herbs or a little crushed pepper or chili to the pasta.

Pizza and other snails

You can also make many delicious delicacies from puff pastry. The easiest are sticks, when you simply cut it into strips, brush with egg and sprinkle with cumin, salt, sesame, ground pepper or herbs.

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Express salty puff pastry sticks

Express salty puff pastry sticks

The easiest salt sticks you can make at home…

The second most popular treat is pizza snails. Roll out the puff pastry and spread the tomato sauce on it. Now stack your chosen ingredients. You can make a simple version with mozzarella and basil, or put ham, cheese, corn. They are also great with tuna or in a vegetarian version. At the end, add fresh herbs and you can roll the dough. Cut them into pieces at least two centimeters thick, lay them out wide, brush with egg and bake.

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Fermented snails with spinach and cheese sauce

Fermented snails with spinach and cheese sauce

Soft and fragrant dough with a delicious filling made from fresh bryndza and fresh…

Besides pizza snails, you can make other alternatives. Make a mixture of oil with fresh garlic and salt, brush it over the pasta and sprinkle the herbs thickly. You can also simply sprinkle various cheeses, pour with oil, and you can roll and cut them.

Wraps with interesting fillings

Puff pastry and strudels are also a very good choice. Use the same recipe as for sweet cakes, only do not add sugar, but a little more salt. The important thing is that you let it rise well even when it is filled on the baking sheet. This will make it soft like spider web. Bake it so that it is golden on the surface and does not dry out. Also pay attention to the choice of filling, so that it is not too wet and does not soak the dough, which would spoil the overall impression of the strudel.

For example, try this delicious spinach and cheese strudel:

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Garlic strudel with spinach and plantain

Garlic strudel with spinach and plantain

Puff pastry flavored with garlic butter, filled with steamed leaves…

What fillings to use in strudel?

– make strudel in the Slovak way. Cover the dough with the seasoned bryndza. Cut the bacon into smaller pieces, fry it together with the onion, and then transfer it to the bryndza base without the fat.

– mix spreadable butter with grated cheese. Add olives or capers cut into small pieces. Mix everything and use as a filling for a strudel.

– you can also spread fresh vegetables on the sheet of pasta. Choose any type, but prefer drier types.

– try the Mediterranean type. Place feta cheese, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes on top of the pasta. Do not forget the oregano and olive oil.

This savory sauerkraut and bacon strudel is delicious:

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Country strudel with sauerkraut and bacon

Country strudel with sauerkraut and bacon

You can quickly and deliciously prepare this really rich strudel, which in itself…

Salty buns

You can also make delicious buns from the same dough. Their advantage is that they are easier to eat and suitable, for example, for barbecues. Everyone takes them in hand and eats comfortably. The fillings should be thicker. However, you can also make them creamy when, for example, you mix ricotta with finely chopped cabbage and ham. Or make a mixture with sausage, which also adds flavor to the rolls. The buns, in which you put flavored thin sausages and cover them with a slice of cheese, are also delicious. Also try the mixture of cottage cheese with spring onion and ground pepper.

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Chicken meat with cheese baked in a homemade baguette

Chicken meat with cheese baked in a homemade baguette

A crusty homemade baguette filled with juicy chicken and cheese filling.


You can also prepare focaccia from the dough. Using your hands, spread it on the baking sheet into a rectangular shape. Put on it, for example, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, asparagus, zucchini or other vegetables that you like. If you want to be creative, create a beautiful picture using these ingredients. It is very easy to make a meadow. Then serve it on the table in one piece and cut it before serving.

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Focaccia - an Italian pastry made from fermented dough

Focaccia – an Italian pastry made from fermented dough

Pizza without toppings or Italian flatbread.


Among the salty summer delicacies, you cannot miss the folicut, which is delicious with a glass of wine. You can make them classic cheese or also very popular crackling. Alternatively, you can also make them in a more modern form, when you mix some spices or add some chillies.

Bryndza pies are also great:

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Bryndz loafers

Amazingly delicious cookies that are extremely easy to prepare. So bake them…

Sweet wasp nests, snails and rolls

Wasp nests, sweet snails or tall buns are always a great delicacy for breakfast, with afternoon coffee or as a treat for visitors.

Apple snails from dough

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