The most popular delicious recipes: TOP 10 according to Google

We looked at Google statistics to find the most searched for delicious recipes. The result pleasantly surprised us. Slovaks mainly looked for well-known recipes that were proven by time and taste buds. If you are looking for an answer to the question “What to cook today?”, get inspired by the following ten favorite dishes, which we have completed with themed recipes directly from Plní Elán.

1. What a perfect combination of vegetables

The perfect combination of tomatoes, peppers and onions will make the whole kitchen smell good. The best leche is homemade and made from fresh ingredients. Eggs are most often added to vegetables, but recipes with sausages, sausages or potatoes are also popular.

Three tips for dinner: You will definitely appreciate these flavors too!

Quick and cheap recipes for which you only need a few basic ingredients: The whole family will enjoy!

2. Risotto in different ways

What we love about risotto is its malleability and adaptability. After all, we won’t add ingredients we don’t like to the risotto. The basis of risotto is rice, and it is up to you whether you start preparing it as an original from Italian cuisine, or prefer Slovak versions.

The true taste of the sunny south: Prepare a delicious risotto three times

PHOTO RECIPE Risotto with basil pesto: Really anyone can make it

PHOTO RECIPE Risotto with dried tomatoes and mushrooms: From Italy to your table

3. Pizza is not only an Italian, but also a Slovak classic

Pizza reached the TOP three of the most popular delicious recipes. Slovaks have literally fallen in love with this Italian classic and want to prepare it at home just the way they like it. The key is to master the preparation of the perfect pasta, rely on a high-quality pomodoro stock and experiment with different cheeses and fragrant herbs.

Homemade pizza dough: Choose the one that’s right for you

PHOTO RECIPE Homemade pizza: Bake a delicacy like from an Italian restaurant

A treat for family and visitors: Try pizza three different times

4. Lasagna impresses with a delicious combination of meat and pasta

Inspiration from the flavors of Italian cuisine is seemingly inexhaustible. This is also demonstrated by the interest in preparing lasagna. While some of us respect them, others have already mastered this delicate combination of pasta, minced meat, vegetables and béchamel. Check out our recipes for real lasagna and enjoy a hearty combination of flavors.

PHOTO RECIPE Real lasagna with minced meat: You will want to cook it every day!

Lasagna 3 different ways: Bolognese, spinach, cheese-apple – they are all great!

VIDEO TIP Amazing Italian lasagna from a Slovak chef: Get inspired

5. Sirloin Wellington with beautiful pink meat

Sviečková na somane needs no special introduction to a native of Slovakia. However, one of the novelties on the search list is the recipe for a Wellington candle. The beef is covered with mushroom puree and wrapped in puff pastry. It is important to adjust the cooking time, because the meat should remain nicely pink in the middle. A good side dish is potatoes or roasted asparagus. We are already preparing this recipe for you! For now, check out the irresistible classic.

Loin on cream will please all gourmets: Try the traditional and quick method of preparation

VIDEO TIP Czech classic pork tenderloin: Try it in a completely different way!

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6. Meatballs are a classic in the kitchen

Minced meat is very easy to work with and can be flavored with various spice mixes when preparing lunch or dinner. There’s probably nothing wrong with classic meatballs. Are you in the mood for fried or baked meatballs? Even our recipes clearly show that there is not just one correct option.

PHOTO RECIPE Baked meatballs with cheese are juicy and tender: Try the favorite classic in a new way!

Delicious recipes with minced meat: Try baked meatballs and spicy meatballs

Do you like meatballs? Enhance them with a stew or sauce according to our 5 recipes

7. Finger licking hamburger

And we continue with minced meat. This time he will be accompanied by a fluffy bun, delicious clothes and a rich vegetable decoration. Although it is not difficult to prepare a perfectly combined burger, it is worth knowing a few good tips on how to manage it at least on a semi-professional level!

The best homemade burger: With these tips, you can even compete with professional restaurants

VIDEO TIP Hamburger recipe with an honest homemade bun: It makes a difference!

Famous homemade burgers: They will make you the star of every barbecue

8. Borscht for real eaters

Borscht belongs to the traditional dishes of the Eastern Slavic peoples. Its basis is bone and meat broth, which is supplemented with carrots, celery, parsley, onions, cabbage and an integral part – beetroot. It is the beetroot that gives borscht its unique color and distinguishes it from other soups.

PHOTO RECIPE Real Ukrainian borscht: hearty broth full of healthy vegetables and tender meat

9. Make Hungarian goulash according to a proven recipe

Our southern neighbors also have their taste buds. After the Szeged goulash, a hearty Hungarian goulash stands out. The best is made from beef that falls apart beautifully and goes well with the flavor of onions and typical spices. There are already many recipes for Hungarian goulash, try this proven one, for example.

PHOTO RECIPE Real Hungarian goulash according to the proven procedure: The meat simply falls apart, print this and insert it into the recipe.

10. Potato pancakes from our national cuisine

Potato pancakes also made it to the top ten most popular savory recipes last year. There is no reason to be surprised. Potatoes are an available raw material that is widely used in Slovak kitchens for both savory and sweet dishes.. Although you can’t avoid grilling when preparing potato pancakes, the result will be worth it!

Traditional cuisine still tastes good today: Try potato pancakes in three ways

Today’s recipe: Potato cakes filled with ham and cheese will satisfy even the hungriest, they are on the table once or twice!

VIDEO TIP Are you bored of classic potato cakes? Try this recipe!

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